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Sumo Babies

Sumo BabiesNothing quite as enjoyable as watching Jenny Craig dropouts playing with babies which they probably are going to mistake for dinner. Maybe this is just a new fad, eating the young. Continue Reading »


WWJBWho Would Jesus Bomb?  Are you really wanting an answer to that question?  Apparently we would all have our opinions on who Jesus would bomb, let me give you some of my targets.

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Nothing To Hide

Nothing To HideNothing to hide?  Seems like something that would pretty risqué for the United States but nothing out of the ordinary for the United Kingdom.  Having fully nude people on a website is nothing new but it is when the website isn’t pushing porn.

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Google.  Ya, you’ve heard of it.  The origination of the name is said to be from the mathematical term googol, which is a 1 followed by one hundred zeros (sounds like a retard parade to me).   I know the truth though…

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Big Ass Biker

Big Ass BikerNow I’m not a small/thin/athletic/handsome/intelligent/polite/nice/literate/acceptable person and I wouldn’t ever pretend otherwise… but at least I’m not this guy. Continue Reading »

Dead, Dead, Dead

Dead, Dead, DeadI want to share something special with all of the reader of RZone. That something special wouldn’t be my Flamingo proclivities, it would be a recent visit where I planned out the death of a family member.

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Flamingos are Democrats

Gay FlamingosCarlos and Fernando, two gay flamingos recently adopted a chick in England. These horny little pink bastards are frequently into same sex couples, threesomes, and even foursomes. Next time you see a flamingo doing a wing dance be ready, it frequently leads to an all out flamingo orgy.

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Abandoned Submarine Base

Abandoned Submarine BaseBalaklava is not just a smelly eastern european confection, it’s a town in the former Soviet Union. The giant submarine base closed in 1996 and only looks like it was in a James Bond movie. The Ukraine doesn’t operate any nuclear submarines so the place is now a tourist trap / museum. The Soviets carved 45 thousand cubic meters of solid rock to form canals run straight into the mountain. Nearly 1,000 workers regularly serviced as many as a half dozen submarines inside.

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Cocaine References

Cocaine ReferencesSince drugs are no laughing matter, unless of course the drugs make you laugh, it seemed like RZone should have some fun with the latest sign in the lobby of the office while making some comical drug reference.
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Cool Boat – The Sea Phantom

Clowns hired for monkeysThis small company in Florida is building small boats that it hopes to sell to the military. The craft travel on specially designed hydrofoils that could achieve triple digit speeds. Even cooler they look like something from a batman movie.
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