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Translating Signs

Hold ItIt’s not every day that someone is in China or Hong Kong. Uhh… Let me start that over again – It’s not every day that I’m in China or Hong Kong. When I am though, I like to take my time and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, imagery, ambiance, and humor that can be found nearly anywhere.Some signs I found while traveling this time include:

Hold It In
Hold yourself until fresh water is available

This is where Jews must shop.

Translated, “Wellcome” means good job coming.

No Smoking In The Toilet
Sometimes people like to smoke IN toilets (you’ve heard of smoking a bowl, right?)

Mail Toilet
Some toilets only have attachments for men… I guess.

Don't Discard Toilet Paper
Sometimes it’s necessary to not throw out toilet paper… do you have deep pockets?

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

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7 Responses to “Translating Signs”

  1. It depends on where you live and how busy the mall is, but if it a decent size city, 4:30 is good. Other stores open earlier so people usually go to places like Target first, and when that crowd gets to the mall it is chGos.aood luck out there and happy shopping!

    Jaxon on 29 Apr 2016 at 1:26 pm
  2. Bonjour,Je partage votre vision de la TVA dite sociale et que vous baptisez justement de TVA actionnariale.Belle claivoyance et bonne continuation car en vous lisant, les choses sont plus faciles à comprendre.Bonne journéeYannick Soots

    http://www.readunscene.com/ on 30 Apr 2016 at 7:31 pm
  3. Sounds like Mae at that age. We kept at it (co-sleeping) but, for Mae, we found the only helpful thing was hours of outdoor exercise every day. Tricky thing to do in the fall & winter!! Nowadays, even without hours of exercise outside, she goes to sleep in less than 20 mins with no kicking. He’ll grow out of it but it can feel like a very long row to hoe.

  4. Orgulhooooooooo ! Ei mom’s…é minha amiga tá ? rsrsrsAmiga que o mom’s me presenteou nessa vida …Divertida , alto astral , sempre com uma palavra querida pra consolar ou brincar ! É uma pequena de sorriso grande !!! Adorei a história …só podia ser Linda como vc ! E a forma como noticiaram a gravidez …me emocionei !! rsrsQue Deus guie sua família a todo instante !!!bjossssssssss

  5. And yeah – Ford was born to play Elliot Ness. He’s definitely just got that vibe of having the moral high-ground. Not sure how or why … but he does!!

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