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Yes on 24

Not Fox's 24At RZone, we like to eat.  And I don’t mean that we enjoy a fine meal at an upscale restaurant, I mean that we like to eat large quantities of food (the fatter I get, the less room on the short bus’s seat that I have to share with other retards).

Instead of buying multiple sandwiches, we were able to convince one of the local Quiznos restaurants (with the security camera for our protection) to not cut the bread when making the sandwich and instead just make a sandwich using their full loaf.  What follows is some pictures I took while another RZoner made this sandwich his bitch.

24 inch sandwich fits in the Dodge Magnum
The sandwich needed a decent amount of space for transportation.

24 inch sandwich carried with care
The 24 inch sandwich was given respect and held with care.

24 inch sandwich getting closer to demise
Good thing nobody was in the way, this might have knocked people down.

finding room on the desk
Pretty funny when you have to clear room on a desk for a sandwich.

unpacking the sandwich
more unpacking of the 24 inch sandwich
Due to the length of the sandwich and it’s not being cut the sandwich was hard to handle.

24 inch sandwich ready to be consumed

24 inch sandwich measured to determine exact length
Without accurate measurement, this might not believable.

24 inch sandwich warmup exercises
When preparing to eat a sandwich of this magnitude, proper warm-up exercises are necessary.

stretching before eating 24 inch sandwich
Of course there must be proper mouth stretching exercise before undertaking this task.

starting to undertake the 24 inch sandwich consumption
Here’s the start of the consumption.  Unfortunately nobody on-site can perform the Heimlich Maneuver, fortunately it wasn’t needed.

24 inch sandwich eaten
The sandwich was fully consumed and as you can see from the extra lettuce that fell out and into the wrapper, there was probably 2 heads of lettuce on the sandwich.


Can you down a 24 inch sandwich, a couple cans of soda and then eat dessert?  I ran out of film on my digital camera or I would have gotten pictures of the dessert also.  Maybe I’ll eventually learn to replace film on my digital cameras so that I don’t run out of room and just buy new ones.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Retarded


9 Responses to “Yes on 24”

  1. May I answer your question with another quicWion?thesh is the better Nike poster – “Behind every great goalkeeper is a ball from Ian Wright” or, the recent Wayne Rooney one?I like both, but I think the Wayne Rooney one is better, mostly because it’s quicker and more visceral. It has zero words compared to the other’s ten.

    Flip on 29 Apr 2016 at 12:40 pm
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  3. Hvor er de fine, jeg kan hverken lide lakrids eller spiritus i kager sÃ¥ smagen er nok næppe noget for mig… men Movember det er sgu en fed kampagne, tror virkelig det har Ã¥bnet nogle øjne!

  4. vucudumuz mucizevi bir makina.Ben bu konuyla ilgili bir yerde daha okumuştum,ordada oksijen yetersizliğinden dolayı esnendiğini söylüyordu şimdi hangisi doğru açıkkcası karar veremedim ikiside mantıklı geliyor bana bence bu probleme acil bir cevap bulmalılar bilim adamları.

  5. Skully – I wanted to revisit your posts on RA fan fervour given the recent BAFTA phenomenon. For many months the RA fandom has behaved with “sedate propriety” and even poo pooed the media articles written about the AA and fan image. I’m not sure if you are a member of any of the RA forums but if a journalist were to secretly sign up to read the BAFTA 2010 threads on the AA or C19, they would immediately see that the image they have painted is true….lol. Fingers crossed they never do read the threads!!!!

    http://gotourl.pw/linio.com.co on 16 Sep 2016 at 2:27 am
  6. What a beautiful story Charlotte! I can imagine the recipe, the backyard — everything. You really do have a way with words. I’ve never made this recipe before, but it sounds like a special treat that my kids would love. I can’t wait to have them help me in the kitchen with this one. We’ve been looking for recipes that Kaia and I can ‘discover’ together! Thanks!

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  7. Prot dit :C’était donc ça….J’ai dû acheter de la cassonade en France il y a peu et la seule que j’ai trouvée était à base de sucre de canne. Et c’est franchement pas terrible.La graeffe est bien entendu la meilleure et ceci très objectivement 🙂

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  9. i love your sweater. just because it's embroidered does NOT mean it's grandma-ish. you looking amazing!!oh, and i wanted to wish you a very merrrrry christmas!

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