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Cocaine References

Cocaine ReferencesSince drugs are no laughing matter, unless of course the drugs make you laugh, it seemed like RZone should have some fun with the latest sign in the lobby of the office while making some comical drug reference.

Using the Internet as our sandbox as we do, we dug around until we found some cat poop and decided to use it for our enjoyment. Here’s a great list of drug references in case you need to find a druggy thesaurus to find out what the hell that wacked out co-worker of yours is rambling about while sweating profusely and twitching.

Of course, no post making fun of our office would be complete without pictures.

Cocaine Reference
This was the original sign.

Cocaine Reference
This is the updated sign (as of this afternoon, nobody has noticed the sign change).

Cocaine Reference
I’m pretty sure that nobody would notice the difference if we stacked cocaine on the desk either.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

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