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Google.  Ya, you’ve heard of it.  The origination of the name is said to be from the mathematical term googol, which is a 1 followed by one hundred zeros (sounds like a retard parade to me).   I know the truth though…

Seems that the name “google” actually originated from a slurred pronounciation of “bugle” which is what one of the RZone elite was trying to play while the Google creators were trying to sleep.  One of the creators said in a sleep-state to the other “I want to kill that retarded bugle” which was heard as “I want to name the company Google”.

Now Google is a noun, transitive verb, and sometimes slang.  But enough about old history, time for new history.

Google Trends.  You have either heard of it before or are hearing about it now.  It basically is a list of the 100 most searched terms in a day through Google’s search engine.  Not too big of a deal just yet since they had Google Zeitgeist before, zeitgeist in German means time-spirit. 

In order to out Google themselves though, Google is saying that Hot Trends will weed out search engine spam and remove inappropriate material allowing it to identify the “hot trends” of what people are searching for on Google on a single day.  Of course, I’m pretty sure that there are still Google Trends kinks requiring some work:
     May 23, 2007 – 1st most searched term is smokey robinson?  Is Smokey Robinson dead??
     May 24, 2007 – 3rd most searched term is ancestry.com; were there a lot of high schoolers needing to turn in family tree papers?

Some nice things about the site include the ability to search within the Trends list for something important like the word retarded.  Of course when seaching retardzone, nothing comes up — this shows their system is obviously having problems as this is the 5th most visited site on the Internet (well, out of the 5 domain names that I look at it is).

Also the ability to see what countries different search terms came from is nice.  Though I’m not sure why.  I didn’t think that countries that weren’t the United States mattered.  Of course Google Trends can do a lot more and is much more useful, but you have to read about that stuff over on their About Google Trends page.

In the meantime, I’m going to do my best to show their system is not able to weed out sites like RetardZone forever.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Technerd



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