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WWJBWho Would Jesus Bomb?  Are you really wanting an answer to that question?  Apparently we would all have our opinions on who Jesus would bomb, let me give you some of my targets.

After you see who I would vote for go ahead and share your opinions, either verbally or in written form, I’m a good listener so just feel free to start talking at anytime, I’m always listening.

First he would bomb you for asking the question, dumbass!

At least the homeless don’t embarrass themselves like this.

Take out the fools running around on the freeway with jacked up trucks.

Jesus would only bomb this person because they aren’t drinking Heinekin.

Men shouldn’t drive “pretty” red trucks.  At least throw some mud on the truck, homo!

Only to save on the embarrassment of having to tell his kids this story later in life.

Nice wing, are you running NASCAR going 30MPH on a Southern California freeway you freakshow?

Me, for driving a car that requires 52 gallons of gas for a round trip to work and back (it’s 100 miles each way!).

If you can’t drive safely you shouldn’t be on the road.  Or alive.  Jesus, aim for this idiot.

Well there’s my highly edumacational list, created with great care and concern and kindness for others.  I hope that you never make this list.  Realizing that I’m in Southern California you must know that there are a lot of people named Jesus (remember that the “J” sounds like an “H”) here, so now I’m going to be concerned that every Bean with access to bombs is running around wondering WWJB.

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Posted By: SoCal Zoner

News Category: Rants, Retarded


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  1. […] learning more about WWJB, for instance while touring the beautiful Southern California freeway system I learned that […]


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