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Zoo Hires Clown to Entertain Monkeys

Clowns hired for monkeysA zoo in Germany has hired a clown to entertain their chimps, gorillas and orangutans. Christina Peter, 45, amuses the animals by making games and puzzles for them, using footballs, plastic bags, cardboard boxes or blocks of wood among other things. I wonder if my boss would hire one to entertain the monkeys that work here…
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United 300 – Spartan Passengers vs Terrorists

United 300What would happen if Spartans were on a plane taken over by terrorists? Would be even funnier if the terrorists were less politically correct but still very funny.
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Jersey Parking Authority

Jersey Parking AuthorityThe New Jersey Parking Authority van is on the way and apparently is here to help you go blind.
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No More Compliments

Compliments offend people65% of women suspect there is nothing innocent from a compliment according to a recent survey. 89% like compliments but a majority can take it as some form of harassment. Experts say that compliments are vital for well being but women have ruined it. Next time you see an ugly chick don’t say anything nice, it could cost you your job.
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Yes on 24

Not Fox's 24At RZone, we like to eat.  And I don’t mean that we enjoy a fine meal at an upscale restaurant, I mean that we like to eat large quantities of food (the fatter I get, the less room on the short bus’s seat that I have to share with other retards). Continue Reading »

Translating Signs

Hold ItIt’s not every day that someone is in China or Hong Kong. Uhh… Let me start that over again – It’s not every day that I’m in China or Hong Kong. When I am though, I like to take my time and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, imagery, ambiance, and humor that can be found nearly anywhere. Continue Reading »

Amazon Sells Pornographic Coloring Books

Amazon Sells Bad Coloring BookHere are at RZone we don’t use language like this but we will show a book that Amazon is selling on it’s website. Kinda shocked that Amazon would be selling a coloring book where you color in girl’s private parts. This does seem a bit off color for a company like Amazon especially when they refuse to stock my favorite magazine Busty Midgets.
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Have You Seen This Chair?

Missing ChairIn today’s office prank we decided to annoy our self-appointed “operations manager” / parking space designator. She is always going insane and yelling at anyone who uses one of her beloved conference room chairs. So early this morning we stole all of them and put up missing posters throughout the office.
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New Jet Helmet Designed to Scare Enemies

F35 HelmetForget the 48 to 63 million dollar jet, the helmet alone will scare the crap out of bad guys. The new helmet system for the F-35 looks cooler than any sci fi movie props I have seen recently.
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Thug Rapper Afraid of Bad Neighborhood

Gangsta ChickenGangsta rapper Nas has called off a gig in Croatia because he’s worried the country is “too dangerous”. Local officials told his management that James Brown, Pink, the Rolling Stones, Public Enemy and others had performed in Zagreb and had no problems. Yeah, you’re hard – well maybe not as hard as Pink or a 70 year old Rolling Stone – but still you bad!
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