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HummertardedThank Fred for Hummers.  I mean, without Hummers I know a lot of wives that wouldn’t have nice jewelry, “working girls” that would have to become waitresses, waitresses that would lose tips, Champagne rooms that would become sparkling cider rooms, and your mom would have to get a real job.  Let’s not even talk about your sister’s business. Continue Reading »

Court clears teacher who made student write “I am a retard” 100 times

I am a retardAn Italian teacher was acquitted of abuse charges for making a student write “I am a retard” 100 times. The teacher, whose identity was withheld to protect her privacy, forced the punishment on the 12-year-old boy after he blocked a fellow pupil from going to the toilet and called him “gay” and “girly.
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Rubber duck fleet invades Britain

Rubber DuckCompleting the final leg in their 15 year 17 thousand mile journey, 30 thousand rubber ducks are making the beaches of Britain.
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1,001 Uses for Toilet Paper

1,001 Uses for Toilet Paper“I need TP for my bunghole!”  Ya, not me Beavis, I use it for other reasons (well, for that too).  I can’t go into all the different uses for toilet paper, but I can tell you that I know of two uses and when it comes down to business.  And the next time I use the toilet paper (Charmin brand, of course) I’ll get pictures of the lucky recipient’s expression after waking up and seeing my present. Continue Reading »

Herpes Virus Killing Coral Reefs

Weird but true, herpes virus are killing coral reefs.
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Burkas causing women health problems

burkasAside from beatings (which are legal in many arab countries) burkas are making women sick throughout the arab world. 99 percent of women in a recent study showed a deficiency of vitamin D.
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Spice girls reunite, sure sign of the apocalypse

Spice GirlsThe Beatles and the clash never reunited but we get the spice girls version 2.0. All I really really want, all I really really want is to know why Geri Halliwell is eating all of Vitoria Beckham’s food.
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Russia claims the Arctic as their territory

Russian ClaimRussia now claims that the arctic region is Russian territory, laying claim to oil, gas and mineral rights for the region. Under international law, no country owns the North Pole. Instead, the five surrounding Arctic states, Russia, the US, Canada, Norway and Denmark.
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Roman centurion beats tourist from LA at Colesium

GladiatorJosé Aznar, a tourist from Los Angeles didn’t tip an Italian posing as a Roman centurion in front of the Colosseum for a picture. The actor dressed in armor threw the tip in the face of the tourist and proceeded to kick and beat the tourist.
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Dumping into ocean to save it?

Dumping Ocean
An international environmental organization is opposed to a plan to dump iron dust into the ocean near the Galapagos Islands, where it will encourage the growth of plankton, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. The tiny sea creatures known as plankton are the main food consumed by whales and are considered to be the bottom rung in the marine food chain.
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