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Primary Lack Of Intelligence

Primary Lack Of IntelligenceSo the company I work for decided to invest in a Microsoft product.  The software product isn’t as important as the developer, the developer isn’t as important as the purpose of the product.  Amazingly it is the marketing firm that matters here.

See the company that was chosen by Microsoft to survey “why” the Microsoft product was chosen is Primary Intelligence, but after taking 5 minutes on their website I got to an impasse.  I’m pretty sure that the company should be called Primary Lack Of Intelligence.

The website started out with a date nearly 9 months old.

The first non-bullet line had the merging of the words “For quality”, or they are using their own language, or they are so fast that they don’t need spaces… “Forquality control purposes, this call may be recorded.”  What the hell?  I’m on a webpage on your website, what call are you talking about?  Did someone actually just convert a script to a collection of webpages and not bother to make small changes like realizing nobody online was on a call?

How about the “Do not read” line.. What’s with this thing? 

Well, the remainder of the pages were all gramatically screwed also, but I didn’t think that you wanted to see how retarded this site was.  I did get to a stop point, when I was asked what product I chose and selected the Microsoft one, clicked NEXT and then got a page telling me that because I did not select the Microsoft product I could not finish the survey.  Bummer.

Primary Lack Of Intelligence
Kurt emailed me, but apparently didn’t want to hear back as he gave me someone else’s contact info.

Primary Lack Of Intelligence
Grammactically incorrect and just stupid.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

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