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WWJB – Not Firefighters

WWJB - Not FirefightersI’m learning more about WWJB, for instance while touring the beautiful Southern California freeway system I learned that firefighters are “for Christ”.  I’m not sure that Jesus feels the same, but maybe…

It would seem logical that if Jesus returned the feelings of firefighters, then Jesus would be “for” firefighters.  Then I started thinking, what is “for” doing there?  Is “for” a non-commitment word or something?  So I Googled “for” and learned that a lot of websites appears to use the word “for”, but couldn’t find a definition link within the first page of returns (apparently Google is retarded).  Off to Merriam-Webster:
   for = used as a function word to indicate an intended goal

Sweet, so now I’m figuring that firefighters are mostly men (and I mean that exactly as it is written, I did not mean that a majority of firefighters are men).  Men like watching sports and there are several sports with a “goal”.  Now I know that firefighters like Jesus to score.

I see the non-signal-using truck with firemen paraphernalia.


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Posted By: SoCal Zoner

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