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SUV vs Compact

SUV vs CompactDo you like a nice traffic causing car crashes as much as I do?  If you don’t, stay the hell off the following freeways: 101, 405, 5, 91, 1, 133, 26, 23, 118, 134 … oh hell, just move to someplace that only has farm equipment.

During the afternoon drive, getting lost while trying to find Costco, I got stuck on the 405 South due to some really inconsiderate driver that didn’t like her car.  I know why she crashed,  that she didn’t like her car, and that it was a female driver even though I didn’t see her.  I know all this because:
 1) Obviously there was some shoe sale she was racing to when she came up with plan 2, which was;
 2) She could crash the car so that her daddy would buy her a new one;
 3) Only a female would drive this poorly.

Below are some pictures that I took while practicing my rubber-necking skills.

SUV vs Compact
This guy can’t believe the wreck, check him out.

SUV vs Compact
Now you know what the guy was looking at.

SUV vs Compact
The cop with the odd “tattoo” on his neck can’t believe it either.

SUV vs Compact
The SUV is hardly damaged (I think that it popped a tire on the Sentra driver’s teeth).

SUV vs Compact
Just amazing.. I should have gotten out of my car and taken pictures.

SUV vs Compact
The headliner in the Sentra might be damaged…

SUV vs Compact
Looks like the tires on the Sentra are still in good shape.  So are the tail lights.

SUV vs Compact
Awesome how the car got deformed, view a higher res pic here.

SUV vs Compact
The whole scene was interesting.. if you weren’t involved in the accident at least.

SUV vs Compact
Fat guys, entering on the right.

SUV vs Compact
The fat guys are sure slow.

SUV vs Compact
Really, really slow.

SUV vs Compact
Of course I chased the ambulance, I wanted to get a picture of the woman and maybe her new shoes.

SUV vs Compact
Off to the hospital.. Hope her shoes didn’t get ruined.

SUV vs Compact
The accident was so good I had to view it from the other side.

SUV vs Compact
I think the SUV will be fine after replacing the front tire.

SUV vs Compact
Nice necklace pal, it matches your shirt.

SUV vs Compact
The windshield on the Sentra might need cleaning too.

SUV vs Compact
Look at all those rubber neckers.. what a**holes, “Why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer!”

SUV vs Compact
This guy is just late to the party.  And I bet he wants a tattoo like the other cop.

All of these pictures are available in high-res, just leave a comment letting me know which ones.

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Posted By: SoCal Zoner

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2 Responses to “SUV vs Compact”

  1. […] Relating this back to the Hawk-Dove game, I would label the SUV as the hawk, the car as the dove, and the payoff matrix would be the same.  In a car vs. car situation, the payoffs would both be 1.  The drivers would be happy because they are saving money on gas and if they were to get into an accident, it wouldn’t be too severe because they are of the same vehicle type.  In an SUV vs. SUV situation, the payoffs would both be ½ because they are of the save vehicle type and so a collision wouldn’t be terribly damaging to either vehicle, however they are each paying a lot for gas, giving them a lower payoff than the car vs. car scenario.  However, when you put a car up against an SUV, the car doesn’t have a fighting chance.  If a collision were to occur, the car would be demolished (payoff of 0) and the SUV would come out practically unscathed (payoff of 2 for being smart enough to have selected a safer vehicle).  This link shows pictures of an SUV-car collision.  (http://retardzone.com/2007/06/13/suv-vs-compact/) […]

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