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Big Dog Inside, Really

Big Dog InsideI enjoy a great BEWARE OF DOG SIGN. Most people that have the sign hanging on their fence or on gates accessing their yards, either wishing their toy poodle were big or are required by law (only took two instances for the judge to insist I hang the sign).

I found this sign on an apartment door while begging for change this weekend. Now I’m pretty gullible and all-around-retarded so this sign works for me, when I go back later today I’ll break into apartment 585 and leave 587 alone. This got me to thinking though… why would someone put up a sign like this? Thankfully one of the voices in my head helped to answer my question:

  • You are tempting someone to break to them to your large dog;
  • Hidden camera TV show and you want to get someone burglarizing on film;
  • You realize that the smiley face actually wards off evil spirits;
  • This is code for “don’t walk in, I got a new container of peanut butter“;
  • You can’t afford the real “BEWARE OF DOG SIGN”;
  • There was an urge to get your apartment door on RetardZone.com

For whatever the reason, I’m going to stay away for now.. only until I find a sarcificial cat.

Big Dog Inside, Really
Just be sure to bring a dog treat when you visit.

Big Dog Inside, Really
Why bother with a lock when your sign is so understandable?

Big Dog Inside, Really
Since you said please, I think that I’ll go next door to pillage and plunder.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Retarded



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