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Googltrocity – Apostrophe

GoogltrocitySure the apostrophe is not given the attention of the period or the comma.  But is the apostrophe really deserving of being picked on based on it’s race or ethnicity?  I think not!  And Google shouldn’t take part is this practice…

Sure enough though, Google discriminates against the apostrophe and I have proof.  When you finish reading this short retarded blog, be sure to contact the Anti Defamation League.  Also be sure that you don’t mis-use the apostrophe just because you are feeling sorry for the little guy, he’s tough and understands his turn will come when you buy something and want to show your ownership.

Here’s a search of “life’s short“.  Notice the apostrophe in the search.  Google classifies this apostrophe differently than another format of the apostophe.  In this case it even wants to change the search term.  As a result to “life’s short”, Google offers 20,100 results.Googltrocity

Now using the search term “life’s short” Google gives 141,000 results and the first results are different.
Googltrocity Apostrophe

This whole apostrophe find occurred while I was searching “the world’s leading” vs. “a world’s leading” in order to discover the more widely recognized/used term (ya, work is like that sometimes).

The difference in “world’s leading” and “world’s leading” resulted in a difference of 13,630,000 results which seemed to be a big deal.
Googltrocity Apostrophe

Googltrocity Apostrophe

This of course led to the retarded humor which is what I’m all about:
Googltrocity Apostrophe

Googltrocity Apostrophe

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Rants, Retarded, Technerd



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