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Tons of info on your neighborhood

Your Neighborhood

A friend asked me a question about a zip code and I googled this site: city-data.com. Nothing earth shattering but you can find out median income, percentage of gay men, renters vs owners, vehicles owned, household income and a crap-load more.

Was kinda fun to put in my zip code and compare it to my buddies – so cal zoner’s neighborhood had a median income more than double mine – maybe I should move to California. This has to be for marketing information so BMW can decide just not to advertise in my neighborhood – go KIA!

Seriously is some in-depth crap – I’ve always wondered how many eskimoes there were in San Antonio. You might have to scroll down some past the pictures to find out there are 70 people in schools, hospitals, or wards for the mentally retarded and there are 11.8% divorced. Some cities have insane breakdowns with how many Pakistanis there are which is always good to know.

City Data

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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