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A day without 12 million illeagal aliens

MexiforniaPolitical Correctness be damned, go ahead call me a racist (I am mixed race) but we here at rzone have decided to weigh in on the illegal alien amnesty bill. 12 million illegal aliens have changed neighborhoods all over the country and not all for the better so we decided to see what things would be like without them using our rzone future predictor computer analysis thingie.

Ok here’s my list…

  1. Better for the environment, remove an extra 12 million garbage spewing from the population humans, driving cars and living like American pigs, and we buy the planet another two weeks.
  2. Social Security: Social security facing bankruptcy why not add another 12 million low paid workers with tons of kids?
  3. Better schools: class size decrease by 50 percent in some neighborhoods and grades go up, school costs up to 20K per year multiply that by 5 kids – ouch.
  4. Better hospitals: millions of uninsured people are clogging the emergency rooms and bankrupting hospitals all over the country – then again who doesn’t enjoy a three hour weight in the emergency room?
  5. Less traffic: fewer cars on the road means getting to work faster (period) less population, better traffic.
  6. Increased wages: factory jobs, construction, and low skilled jobs in general will have to pay more to work jobs that Americans will actually do if paid more than minimum wage.
  7. Lower crime rate: In Los Angeles, roughly 95% of outstanding homicide warrants (1,200 to 1,500) are for illegal aliens, as are up to two-thirds of all felony warrants. 15 percent of California ‘s prison inmates are undocumented aliens – spraypaint sales would dip in LA though.
  8. Lower car insurance rates – remove millions of uninsured motorists trained to drive in third world countries – rates go down.
  9. Decreased obesity: teenagers and the lazy in general would be forced to work at mcdonalds, mow lawns, wash their own cars and clean their own damned toilets.
  10. No more third world sections of the country – ever drive through Maywood California?
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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Political



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