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Dumping into ocean to save it?

Dumping Ocean
An international environmental organization is opposed to a plan to dump iron dust into the ocean near the Galapagos Islands, where it will encourage the growth of plankton, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. The tiny sea creatures known as plankton are the main food consumed by whales and are considered to be the bottom rung in the marine food chain.

The dumping would be done as a test by a company called Planktos, Inc., which is obviously conducting this test in hopes of being hired to do similar iron dumps in the future. In LiveScience.com, Andrea Thompson quotes Lara Hansen, of the World Wildlife Fund, as saying, “There are much safer and proven ways of preventing or lowering carbon dioxide levels than dumping iron in the ocean. ‚ÄúThis kind of experimentation with disregard for marine life and the lives of people who rely on the sea is unacceptable.” Of special concern is the fact that the Galapagos are home to species which are found nowhere else on earth. But this may be because the ocean area around the islands are ALREADY filled with iron, which comes from the islands themselves.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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