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LAPD instructor shoots colleague during training

Training AccidentLos Angeles police are investigating how a veteran department firearms instructor shot and wounded another officer in the left hamstring at a training facility this week when he mistook a loaded handgun for a mock version of the weapon.
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Oprah to open store

Oprah StoreFat people around the world are starting to line up for the new Oprah store in Chicago. Fans will be able to buy Oprah merchandise such as an Oprah iPod cover, African-designed baskets and clothes, the station said. Many of the products also can be found on her Web site.
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Help write the Spanish national anthem

#Spain has launched a campaign looking for people to help write add words to it’s currently word free national anthem. Here at the zone we were crippled by a lack of spanish words so all we could come up with was menu items from taco bell…
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Man digs up World War 2 Bunker in backyard

Bunker abandoned in back yardAndy Lewis of Old Sarum, England dug up a manhole just like on the TV show lost. The 3 bedroom house built on an old airfield was hiding a 30 by 50 foot bunker abandoned since the second world war.
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Plumber offers steal all your jewelry and dump your body in a lake service

Plumbing Victim
Divers recovered a body Tuesday morning from a suburban Detroit lake believed to be that of a missing Michigan woman who authorities say was murdered by her plumber for diamond jewelry.

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Court rules prisoners have constitutional right to porn

#Life, liberty and apparently the pursuit of boobie pictures. Convicted sex offenders in Sweden are free to read pornography in their cells following a court ruling that has angered the prison service.
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80 year old man nearly breaks bicycle record, run over by truck

80 year old bicyclist hit by truckKamesaburo Harano, an 80 year old from Japan, set off in April 2006 to circle his homeland, and had just arrived back in home town and was hours from finishing his record trek before a truck ran him over in a tunnel.
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Ghost captured on nanny cam

Nanny Cam Captures GhostOur first video in a while, this nanny cam captures a ghost on film and our staff has authenticated the video as being one hundred percent retarded.

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Paris Hilton, the next Princess Diana?

Paris No Seatbelt Unlike princess Diana another why is she famous dim witted blonde who didn’t bother wearing a seatbelt Paris made it home. Although the good news is we don’t have to put up with the Paris funeral – yet…
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2 girls arrested for filming porno in front of children

Lesbian Zombie MovieTwo women were arrested in Seminole County, Florida, for filming girl on girl action in front of small children at a community pool. A third women was filming the whole thing – unfortunately we have no zombie lesbian video to share.
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