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97 foot treehouse

TreehouseHorace Burgess from Tennessee has built a 97 foot tall treehouse taking over 14 years to construct. The treehouse is built on an 80 foot tall white oak tree with a 12 foot diameter, with six other trees bracing the tower-like fortress.
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Vegans swear off sex with meat eaters

VegasThe latest save the trend to save the environment involves withholding sex to non-vegetarians. I’m not really sure how thoroughly people have thought this through put if the chick was hot I could eat carrots for a few days or even weeks if necessary so she could enjoy some quality all American beef for two or three minutes herself.
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Lemonade stand stickup leads to arrest

Lemonade Stand An 11 year old boy’s lemonade stand in Ohkosh Wisconsin was robbed at bully point and approximately twenty dollars was stolen. The 17 year old bully was arrested and is being charged with robbery and child abuse.
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Study proves obesity is contagious

Lose your fat friendsAccording to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine your chances of becoming obese went up 57 percent if a friend did, 40 percent if a sibling did and 37 percent if a spouse did. In the closest friendships, the risk almost tripled. So you might want to think about ditching your heavier friends, with increased health risks for being overweight – it could save your life.
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Secret patterns from your color printer might give you away

Color PrinterAccording to seeingyellow.com and the Electronic Frontier Foundation most color printers print a hidden series of yellow dots that create a unique “fingerprint” and could be used to track your individual printer. This could then be used for counterfeiting or other criminal investigations to link pages printed back to you and your printer, so you might want to think twice before mailing in your product registration.
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Abandoned Russian aircraft

Abandoned Russian AirLarge numbers of Soviet military aircraft are abandoned throughout the former Soviet empire. Included among the rotting hulks are Mig 25s, helicopters and bombers.
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Edwards urges banning tangerines to save the environment

TangerinesDue to the carbon footprint of transporting food Elizabeth Edwards said she would never eat another tangerine due to it’s impact on the environment. Apparently we need to avoid transporting foods across long distances, so people on the east coast should quit eating citrus immediately. If there is a particular food that you are fond of you should consider relocating to save the world, and of course please walk there.

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Dave Matthews hates Hinduism

Dave Matthews hates HinduismIn a non-eventful way, Dave Matthews came out of his marijuana induced silence to publicly say cows are bad. Nice job. Of course there’s a war going on, recession in the United States, oil corrupted countries building nuclear devices, Lindsay Lohan in trouble again.. but Matthews has farts on the brain. Continue Reading »

We’re going streakin!

We're going streakin!Who can forget the godfather of streaking “Frank the Tank” and to celebrate here are the top 10 streaking videos out there for you.
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Lower in calories but diet soda is just as bad for you

Diet CokeFrequent diet soda drinkers might save calories, but they face the same higher risk of heart disease and diabetes as people who drink sugary soft drinks every day, a new study says. Scientists studying about 3,500 middle-aged men and women as part of a long-term heart research project found an association between daily soft drink consumption and an increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome, according to a report published Monday in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.
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