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Birthrate Declining Everywhere But Where I Look

Birthrate Declining Everywhere But Where I LookThe lowest birth rate in years, decades and whatever else.  I’m not sure where the numbers were gathered from but I can tell you that when I’m driving through Los Angeles, I question if every-other Mexican isn’t pregnant.  Seems that either the Mexicans are getting fat or pregnant, except of course the bangers shooting each other.

So as I read an article which probably should be showing me that birth control is on the rise and that American’s are being more responsible, but what I see is that all the illegals aren’t letting everyone else in on the fact that they are making babies from age 8-death.

I don’t mean to be rude about this, but I’m really just telling it like it is.  Anyone else driving around California?  If you are, you can agree that without a couple million cars/people, nobody would be missing anything in a bad way.  Anyway, there’s a real story to all this and of course I’ll stop talking my mind and let you read the blah-blah.

Link : http://www.alternet.org/sex/54534/

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Posted By: SoCal Zoner

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