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Googltrocity – Sponsored

Googltrocity SponsoredSponsoring one’s self is definitely nothing new.  People talk about themselves all the time and mostly everyone thinks they are great (no matter how deranged).  I wonder how Google handles the transactions where they are paying themselves and selling to themselves.. is the EPS (stock talk) altered by these numbers?

While searching out something on the search behemoth I noticed a Google link in the sponsored links.  Maybe this isn’t new to you, but to someone that doesn’t search stuff on Google all day (well, at least not every day) this is sort of interesting and odd.

Does Google pay for self-sponsored ads?

Here is are [see Dad, I’m learning] three examples of Googltrocity self-sponsorships:

Google Earth search
Googltrocity Sponsored

Google tips search
Googltrocity Sponsored

Google pay search
Googltrocity Sponsored

* We here at RetardZone are not affiliated with Google, but only because nobody there has special short buses which we require for transportation.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Rants, Technerd



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