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New Simpson movie shows full frontal nudity of Bart

Bart NudeThe Simpsons movie coming to the big screen in July makes fun of both environmentalists and the church (sure to offend everyone) which I support 100%. One thing I am not sure I really want to see is a scene in the movie with Bart Simpson revealing full frontal nudity.

Rock band Green Day is booed and pelted when it starts speaking about the environment to a Springfield crowd, while Homer’s daughter Lisa is a green campaigner shunned by the town’s inhabitants who simply don’t care.

The Simpsons also turn up late at church, where Homer’s father has a seizure and warns of trouble to come. When asked to explain this behavior, Homer flicks through a Bible, and mutters: “This book doesn’t have any answers.”

Perhaps the biggest laugh was for Bart, who skateboards through town naked after being challenged to do so by Homer.

After a series of scenes where strategically-placed extras and props protect his modesty, the audience gets a full view of his private parts through a gap in a hedge.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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