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Saving My Pennies, Going To Buy Lunch For $680,100

Dilbert LunchI have almost an entire year to save my money.  I’m going to buy lunch with Warren Buffet next year, and based on the last two years, the lunch will cost $680,100.  Anyone interested in helping out, just drop a penny in front of me and I’ll pick it up.

Warren Buffet donates the money to charity and that’s all great, but I’m hoping that instead of donating the money he buys himself a new car (last year’s Cadillac seems to be a little old for him).  Buffet has billions of dollars and still is just like me.  Well.. except that I’m retarded, poor, stupid, young, obviously alive, and working really hard just to find pennies.

If you are interested in helping donate to the Warren Buffet lunch fund, just throw pennies or dimes at me when you see me (not nickels, they leave small bruises that look like a midget beat me up).

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Technerd



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