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Women so ugly mistaken for man

Very ugly womanThis woman is ugly and masculine to the point where everyone thought she was a man and kicked out of a women’s restroom. My feeling is that if you scare people in the women’s bathroom maybe you should go for the man’s bathroom, there is less of a line anyway.

A masculine lesbian was kicked out of a Greenwich Village restaurant after a bouncer – who believed she was a man – saw her in the ladies’ bathroom, the woman charged yesterday.

Khadijah Farmer said she felt humiliated by her experience at Caliente Cab Co. on Seventh Ave., which took place last Sunday shortly after the city’s gay pride march.

Just as she was about to enter the bathroom, a woman walked out, flashed her a nasty look and said, “This is the women’s bathroom,” according to Farmer, who is an HIV counselor.

“I replied, ‘I know that. Thank you. This is where I’m supposed to be,'” Farmer said, noting that she was wearing a yellow polo shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.

Moments later, a bouncer burst into the ladies room and began banging on her stall and yelling at her to leave, she said.

The bouncer refused to believe that Farmer was a woman even after she emerged from the stall and attempted to show him her driver’s license, she said.

“He totally dismissed that,” she said, adding that the bouncer told her “he wanted me out of his bathroom and restaurant.”

Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, demanded that the restaurant compensate Farmer for violating her civil rights and adopt a policy banning discrimination.

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Bar that was confused by miss ugly here
Very ugly woman

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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