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Big Daddy Kane is a Terrorist

Big Daddy Kane is a TerroristBig Daddy Kane, birth name Antonio Hardy, has admitted to being a terrorist. Big Daddy Kane has written hundreds or thousands or millions of rap songs. Rap afficianodos have concurred that Kane has one of the sharpest flows and deliveries of any MC. 

During a recent listening I was subjected privileged to hearing Kane say that he was a terrorist. Though just rapping in a song, it seemed a bit odd that he would use that terminology. Then it occurred to me that he wrote the “song” Raw ’91 back in ancient times when “terrorist” wasn’t what it is today. I guess back then it was cool to use that term.

Kane’s lyric is “A terrorist, here to bring trouble to phony MC’s”. I’m not sure who the phony MC’s are, but I would surely hope that Kane doesn’t go all suicide-bomber on them.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

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