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Carrot powered sex show in shower ends in multiple arrests

Carrot PornA man in Newton paid three people to have sex and use carrots as sex toys while he watched. To get everyone in the mood Brendan O’Neil bought some crack cocaine. Sadly his check for the $150 in crack cocaine bounced and the trio left with his sony laptop. O’Neil being the genius that he was then called the police…

The shower sex show trio included Carlton Haynes, 37, Alicia Culipher, 23, and Tara Bowers. Police received the call and apprehended them at a nearby intersection. Haynes was found with a glass pipe and O’Neill’s laptop computer and cell phone in a bag. Haynes also had two checks in his possession. One for $150 and the other for $750.

O’Neill claimed Haynes stole a check from his checkbook and wrote out a draft for $750. Haynes told police the check for $750 was written to the group for sexual favors.

According to court documents, police said they would be seeking a criminal application against O’Neill in Newton District Court for three counts of paying for sexual conduct and falsely reporting a crime.

Haynes, Culipher and Bowers are due back in Newton District Court on July 31 for a pretrial hearing. All three are being charged with larceny over $250. Haynes was additionally charged with possession of a Class B substance.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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