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Taiwan hires Ozzy Osbourne to help country join United Nations

Ozzy helps TaiwanNow that his MTV ozzy family show has been canceled and he has some free time he’s now the spokesman for Taiwan in it’s bid to join the United Nations. With the largest (by size) army in the world surrounding it maybe they were hoping the Chinese would confuse Ozzy for some angry wizard and take it easy on them.

AFTER 14 failed attempts at joining the United Nations, using media campaigns and presidential appeals, Taiwan is turning to a goth-rock band backed by Ozzy Osbourne in its quest for membership to the world body.

The band, called ChthoniC, will this year tour at least 80 cities in four countries, supported in part by the Taiwan government, which is providing pro-UN literature and a slogan-painted lorry. The band will visit Canada, Germany, the UK and the United States.

ChthoniC has also recorded a song urging the UN to let Taiwan join, even though its bid for membership keeps being knocked down because of objections from Beijing.

“I’m not for any political party, but I’m for my poor country joining the United Nations,” the band’s lyricist, Freddy Lim, told reporters yesterday at the launch of the tour.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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