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Terrifying woman filmed having sex with 13 yr old

Troll rapist
All teenage boys fantasize about scoring with a hot looking older chick but what about a sea hag? Poor kid he must have been drunk to chase after that thing and then brag about it afterwards. Proving the theory that the uglier the woman the more likely she will see real punishment for having sex with underage boys she will serve 15 months in jail.

Ruth Lee was jailed for 15 months after admitting twice having intercourse with the youngster at her home.

The mother of two teenage children claimed she did not realize how young her partner was, but was described as a ‘deviant’ by the judge.

Lee took the boy back to her house after meeting him on St Valentine’s Day, the court heard. The pair then had sex.

The boy bragged about the encounter to friends and took some of them back to Lee’s home in Gloucester the next night.

Although she was drunk, she let them in and went upstairs for sex with the 13- year-old, unaware they were being filmed on a mobile by another teenager.

The friend played the short clip to his mother, who called the police.

Looks more and more like women who serve time for having sex with underage boys are serving more time than better looking ones. Based on this picture this woman should serve a life sentence. That woman is scarier than any recent horror film I’ve seen…

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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