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Candy Jar + Epoxy + Webcam = Fun at Work

Candy Jar PrankDuring my last trip to Home Depot I saw some industrial epoxy and thought I could put that to good use. After work on Monday my buddy and I put our plan into action. First we wired the receptionist’s desk for video with a webcam, and then we found a candy jar…

At my place of business, nothing draws more people than free food, it’s probably the same at yours too. Everyone likes starbursts, so we went with the happy fruit flavors.
Candy Jar
Next you find some really strong glue, we went for “The Original Super Glue” epoxy.
Candy Jar
Epoxy is some really strong stuff, good for office pranks or building custom made airplanes.
Candy Jar
You mix the epoxy and try not to get it on your hands, it burns (really burns). After you are done washing your hands from getting it on your hands you begin applying to the candy jar.
Candy Jar
This stuff begins to dry in 90 seconds but we don’t apply too much – we don’t want the epoxy to be visible to our victims.
Candy Jar
Remember not to get it on your hands…
Candy Jar
It’s important you hide the prank – letting even one person see could ruin the fun.
Candy Jar
Presentation is important – gosh I want a sturburst, what a lovely container.
Candy Jar
Find a nice place to capture all of the action with a camera to remember your prank.
Candy Jar
We went for the D-Link 900 – around a hundred bucks, we definitely recommend it.
Candy Jar
The office nearest the webcam only had one network connection, no problem, that’s what a 24 port Netgear switch is for.
Candy Jar
Now we’re online and with our D-link DCS 900 uploading a new image every 3 seconds to our server we are ready to go…
Candy Jar

The next morning, the epoxy has cured for more than six hours so it’s now stronger than the plastic the candy jar is made out of…

Victim Number One: Our office manager goes in for the first candy, she is thinking she will have to spend ten minutes in the gym burning this off, but we save her the trouble.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Two: Nope, no candy for you Mister “I don’t want pizza for everyone in the office on my birthday”.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Three: This guy is pretty much our boss, should have told him in advance – he was a little grumpy but he really tried opening it.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Four: This guy really muscled up on the jar, poor receptionist had a hard time keeping things together.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Five: She really wanted some candy, spent the second longest time trying to open the jar.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Six: She wouldn’t give up even tried to get number seven to help her open it, and she did set the record for longest attempt to open.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Seven: She was just trying to be nice to number six by helping out.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Eight: Nope no candy for you either.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Nine: He laughed and was cool about it.
Candy Victim
Victim Number Ten: She has a new haircut but she’s still the dumbest person in the office.
Candy Victim

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Retarded


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