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10 month old survives 8 story fall from window

Baby fallingA drunken father in China tossed his 10 month old daughter out of a window in Shanghai, China. The baby girl survived the fall with only a broken leg. The girl’s fall apparently was slowed by tree branches and she landed on soft soil, only breaking her leg, the Shanghai Daily said.

olice said the father, 26-year-old security guard Yu Dongrui, had been drinking alcohol and had just argued with his mother-in-law before he threw the baby, the newspaper reported. The man told local media that the baby had merely slipped from his arms while playing.

Yu was estranged from his wife, who had asked for a divorce earlier this year and moved to another city, the paper said.

Prior to the fall, the woman’s mother had placed the girl in Yu’s arms, saying she would no longer take care of her, and told him he was no longer welcome in her home, the paper said.

“Yu took sleeping pills in the morning and started drinking in the afternoon,” police officer Zong Yuan was quoted as saying. “The argument with his mother-in-law started when she asked him to leave her house,” Zong said.

The child was listed as out of danger after being treated in a local hospital in Shanghai’s suburban Jiading district.

Not sure what the kid’s name is but pretty sure it’s Chinese for lucky, whatever it is looks like she’ll be getting a new dad.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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