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Being of light sent to earth to model nude and sue people

Ana SolaA few weeks back you might have heard of a lawsuit between a psychologist and a job applicant who alleged her job duties would include erotic activities. Ana Sola recently lost her ten million dollar lawsuit against Dr. William Swan. The case Manhattan Supreme Court for assault and battery, charged he groped her while demonstrating his innovative massage technique on her.

Swan denied touching her at all, and said she was the one who suggested giving clients “squigglies” – her euphemism for a very intimate form of touching.

The jury foreman, Post City Hall Bureau Chief David Seifman, said the jurors considered it a case of “he said/she said” – and neither told the whole truth. “The testimony on both sides was not entirely believable,” Seifman said, and “there was no evidence against him besides what [Sola] said.” He said that while the jurors believed Swan did massage her…

A lawyer for Swan accused Sola, in his closing arguments, of seeking a big payday by filing a “vengeful lawsuit” to get back at the grandfather who abused her when she was 6. “That’s not the basis on which to take a man with a distinguished career of more than 30 years and literally ruin him with accusations,” Jack Dweck said.

As it turns out Ana does modeling work and likes to model in the nude.
Ana Sola
Ana Sola From her modeling site By the way she had an event planned for June 11: “This will be artistic, involving nudity, and a bit on the adventuresome side of life. So,if you are up for a challenge, daring, adult minded, sexy, and a bit on…”

A multi million dollar lawsuit, beautiful model alleging naughty things, of course as a child she was abused as a girl by family member. The story already has my interest, but that’s just where it gets started.

As it turns out Ana Sola is not human (or at least she claims not to be.)

Her profile Ana Sola is a being of light coming into this Earth to walk as a Healer to facilitate healing to those in need of guidance, support, answers and unconditional love.

Healing is an Art, is a Gift from God given to those whose Spirit has chosen to come back in this lifetime as a Givers and Spirit guides.

Ana Sola
Ana Sola’s personal profile on wise women sacred women

Ana Sola

Will keep researching this “Indigo child” sure there is plenty more “interesting” stuff out there.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Retarded


2 Responses to “Being of light sent to earth to model nude and sue people”

  1. Dr. Swan sexually assaulted me in 2005 under the guise of a job “interview” as his “assistant” helping women who have suffered from sexual abuse. He really did a number on me and then let me know that he was in a position of power to hurt me further if I told anyone. I didn’t report it to the police but I did tell my doctor right after the event. I can’t believe the comments that were made about Swan’s other victim. Just because she was a “model” and is spiritual doesn’t mean that she deserved to be tricked into a lengthy interviewing process that ended very badly. This single mother was not only defrauded she was assaulted as well.
    I could go on….

    Sexually Assaulted by Swan on 25 Apr 2013 at 4:54 pm
  2. you are an **** and should take immediately this post of your website. You don’t know anything about this woman and everything you wrote and in the way you portrayed her is completely wrong. I don’t know how to say this in a nice way, but if you have appreciation for your life, your business and mental peace, you gonna take this down or else. I know where you are, you even look more pathetic in person, than behind a computer writing ****. I can make your life a living hell and I will if you don’t take this down in the next 24 hours. You been warned!

    Joshep Cipriachi on 29 May 2013 at 1:45 pm

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