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Roid rage in the cage

Roid Rage in the CageIt’s understandable that there are many occassions when taking steroids is not fair (Yahoo! Barry, Barry’s Dog) or leads to violence (Katie Couric, Chris Benoit), but here’s a situation where taking steroids is fair and leads to equal voilence.

I’m sure that you have either heard about the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) or have heard someone in your office or family talking about UFC.  It’s quite a “sport”; two guys (or girls?) get together in a fighting ring and beat up each other until one of the people either gives up (like when you made your brother say uncle) or loses consciousness.

Recently it has been reported that in a fight on July 7th between champion Sean Sherk and challenger Hermes Franca which Sherk won, Sherk was taking Neanderthal Nandrolone Metabolite.  Nandrolone is a banned steroid according to the CSAC (California state athletic commission).  So what should you do in this situation, overturn the decision and give it to the challenger?  The challenger, Franca, was also on the same steroid.  Perhaps they were both just sharing a needle?

Seems that this would make for a fair fight.  As a spectator of UFC, people get to see crazy people on a steroid beat each other up.  Since they are both on the same steroid it would just be fair to make sure they are on equal amounts of the steroid.  Or maybe that wouldn’t be fair.

Sometimes one fighter might weigh a few more pounds on fight day than the other fighter, in this case they should be able take quantities of the steroids that are in proportion to their weight.  Unless… what if one of the fighters takes the steroid on a normal basis and the other just takes it on occassion, then there should be some way to make things equal by allowing one fighter take extra?

I have a new idea for the UFC!  Why not just put some known terrorist in the ring that has been sentenced to death.  Allow both fighters to juice up as much as they want, then turn them loose on the terrorist.  This would be a great new sport.  Damn, maybe I should trademark or copyright or patent or something this idea.  Though to be honest, it’s something that you would likely hear from great, but not yet dead, comedian George Carlin.

Sean Sherk of the UFC

Hermes Franca of UFC


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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Rants



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