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Googltrocity – Enter Key

Googtrocity Enter KeySometimes it just seems like Google is either trying to be too helpful, or is being a little annoying. For instance, with the way people initiate the search on Google’s website. You have the option to either click on the Google “Search” button or to hit the “return” (or enter) key on the keyboard.

So why does it matter to Google to take note of which option you chose and to comment on it, if you didn’t use the keyboard key? First they state that you should use the “return” key, but since a majority of computer users do not use an Apple keyboard, that should be changed to read “enter” key.

Here I clicked on the “Search” button at the right of the input field:

Googltrocity - Enter Key

Here I just hit the “Enter” key, as requested by Google:Googltrocity - Enter Key

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Technerd



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