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Macy’s pulls racist tshirt

Racist t shirtA new shirt from Macy’s has been pulled from shelves after activist declared the shirt racist. The brown shirt with white lettering said “Brown is the New White.” I suppose that if the shirt had said “brown is the new black” even more people would have been offended. Perhaps being affiliated with “the man” or the only remaining category of people that are politically correct to make fun of was the most offensive.
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Innocent Guantanamo Bay detainee depressed by captivity commits suicide

Innocent detaineeAnother perfectly innocent detainee of Guantanamo Bay was so depressed by his captivity that he committed suicide this month. Abdullah Mehsud is just the latest in a string of suicides by detainees so depressed by conditions at the infamous facility who have taken their own lives in despair.
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Human civilization may live inside Earth’s crust

Earth CoreRussian scientists believe there may be another human culture living inside the earth’s crust. This isn’t news from a hundred years from now or a bad science fiction magazine but from 2007. Russian scientists are basing the theory on magnetic anomalies at the poles which they interpret as giant hallow masses underneath the earth’s surface.
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Melt things in your microwave

microwaveEver wonder what a tomato, eggs, ketchup packets or other household items would look like heated up in your microwave? Well quit wondering and check out this site, and save your own microwave.
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Googltrocity – Enter Key

Googtrocity Enter KeySometimes it just seems like Google is either trying to be too helpful, or is being a little annoying. For instance, with the way people initiate the search on Google’s website. You have the option to either click on the Google “Search” button or to hit the “return” (or enter) key on the keyboard. Continue Reading »

Fisherman finds skull of friend who had drown 3 years earlier

TrawlerA trawler in the North sea brought up a skull in December and after DNA testing it was revealed the skull belonged to a friend of the man who brought up the net. Three years earlier a friend of the fisherman had drown when his fishing boat was lost at sea. Barry Hunter, 58, made the gruesome catch in December and handed the skull to police.
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Bruce Wayne gone wild – builds secret underground complex for hookers

Bruce WayneSo if I was a billionaire and had a giant mansion I could build a giant underground cave complex and fight crime – or have hooker parties. With a fortune from Broadcom Henry Nicholas made an underground grotto, tunnels and a 2,000-square-foot sports bar he called “Nick’s Cafe.” Then he paid for hookers and partied all night, or at least until his wife caught him and the construction companies sued to get paid.
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Checkout line rage leads to old lady being run over by shopping cart

Shopping Cart RageWe’ve all been annoyed by some old lady in front of us taking her time in front of us at the grocery store. Most of us just nervously look around, make eye contact with others while rolling our eyes and read something about a celebrity in one of the magazines on the rack next to us. James Curcio of Dutchess County New York apparently was in a hurry perhaps to get his bottles of cough syrup to make a fresh batch of meth based on his appearance. When the old lady in front of him took to long he simply ran her over with his shopping cart.
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Roid rage in the cage

Roid Rage in the CageIt’s understandable that there are many occassions when taking steroids is not fair (Yahoo! Barry, Barry’s Dog) or leads to violence (Katie Couric, Chris Benoit), but here’s a situation where taking steroids is fair and leads to equal voilence. Continue Reading »

Obama campaigns for sex ed in kindergarten

KintergartenDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said he favors sex education for even kindergarten students at a Planned Parenthood Convention. This sounds kind of a little early to be planning for parenthood but kids are growing up fast these days.
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