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Time to replace lightbulbs with jars

Time to replace lightbulbs with jarsA ban on light bulbs on incandescent light bulbs on the horizon, their mercury filled fluorescent replacements are a concern for landfills. Fortunately there is an even more eco friendly alternative, sunlight jars. Continue Reading »

Craigslist can give you Jungle fever

Craigs listCraigslist is like ebay, but chalk full of hookers. I had one friend who didn’t know there was anything but escorts in it and another married friend who found out and spent quite a while browsing it. A friend of mine, who is always sending me horrible things only to IM me a second after I click on the link to “do not click on this link” sent me this…
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100 year old smoker mocks surgeon generals warning

100 year old smokerWinnie Langley has been smoking since the 1914. I am pretty sure that the millions of cigarette tax dollars that Rob Reiner raised for anti smoking in California could buy a decent hit man. This old lady is a poster child for smokers and if Rob hears about this in between meals she’s a goner.

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Tapping feet in restrooms is a misdemeanor

Tap Dancing banBeware of tapping your feet in public restrooms it could wind up getting you arrested or even something much, much worse. Normally when I am tapping my feet it’s because I have to go to the bathroom. According to police the foot tapping in addition to putting your bags on the bathroom door is a signal that you want to get some George Michael bathroom action.
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Whale watching trip goes horribly wrong

whale watching gone wrongWhale watching tourists off the coast of Japan were treated to an unexpected site when a whale they were looking for were watching was hauled into a nearby whaling boat. Japan’s controversial whaling program is categorized by as being scientific and for research purposes. Although the program mainly measures the whale meat delivered to Japanese restaurants and supermarkets. Continue Reading »

300 illegals aliens instead of Spartans

300 illegalsTake the movie Sparta, mix it with illegal aliens and presto politically incorrect fun. Kind of funny instead of 300 the number at the end grows to 300 million or so pretty quickly. All issues should be fair game to make fun of and laugh at in a democracy…
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Cross dressing a one year sentence in Muslim country?

cross dresserIn Nigeria the crime of dressing as a woman is punishable by up to a year in prison. 18 Nigerians were arrested in the town of Bauchi and face a up to a year in prison and 20 lashes. The prison terms seems a bit harsh, I can see a public nuisance fine or something if you cross dress and have a five o’clock shadow and look like Homer Simpson with a wig.
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Clinton lied, never ordered Bin Laden killed

Clinton FingerMichael Isikoff of Newsweek, has caught Bill Clinton in a lie: He never authorized the killing of Osama bin Laden. In a heated exchange with a television reporter Clinton boasted he had ordered Bin Laden killed. According to just released documents from the CIA, this was not the case. All politicians lie, and the difference between a partisan and a moron is believing that only the other side lies.
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China Airlines covers up air disasters

China Air Disaster Cover UpSome airlines have amazing safety records, other are known for service, still others aren’t really known for either. That’s China Airlines niche, recently they have taken to the practice of painting over their airline’s logo before the melted wreckage has even cooled.
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World’s oldest father at age 90

Worlds Oldest FatherThe current record holder for the world’s oldest father has broken his own record by having yet another child. This is the 21st child for Nanu Ram Jogi. This offers conclusive evidence along with Donald Trump marrying one of the cuter chicks in the world that at least a percentage of the female population will marry anyone for money.
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