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Making up atrocities at National Review

Fake VetAlong with two “Baghdad Diarist” columns, the New Republic published an article in the July 23 issue titled “Shock Troops” – a collection of first-person “vignettes” that described the cruelty on the part of American soldiers. A spokesman for the U.S. Multi National Division-Baghdad, Maj. Steven F. Lamb, said separately in a statement that after an investigation, the allegations “were found to be false.”

The New Republic said the aim of the article was to depict “the morally and emotionally distorting effects of war.”

The military source told the Weekly Standard Beauchamp’s recantation was volunteered on the first day of the military’s investigation. At the same time, July 26, the New Republic posted a statement on its website from Beauchamp saying, “I’m willing to stand by the entirety of my articles for the New Republic using my real name.”

The Weekly Standard noted that in the New Republic’s Aug. 2 statement, editors complained that the military investigation was “short-circuiting” the magazine’s own fact-checking efforts.

“Beauchamp,” they said, “had his cell-phone and computer taken away and is currently unable to speak to even his family. His fellow soldiers no longer feel comfortable communicating with reporters. If further substantive information comes to light, TNR will, of course, share it with you.”

In the Aug. 2 statement, however, the New Republic’s editors admitted one of the anecdotes Beauchamp stood by in its entirety took place (if at all) in Kuwait, before his tour of duty in Iraq began.

Beauchamp had claimed that in a mess hall in Iraq, he and a comrade publicly humiliated a woman whose face had been “melted” by an IED.

Scott Beauchamp is married to a reporter/researcher at the National Review. His stories chronicled soldiers camping on top of mass graves, clowning with cracked open skulls, running over dogs and the kinds of things that Kerry made up in Vietnam. Perhaps Beauchamp is planning on running for office as a Democrat at some point in the future.

Researches should have first suspected the war stories were fake when some of they started with “Back when I was in ‘Nam”.

News Article

Another Fake War Story
Fellow creative writer Jesse Adam Al-Zaid, who claimed Rangers routinely executed children as part of the interrogations of their parents and claimed to have killed around 200 people, who were mostly non combatants.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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