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Nearly a fourth of Brits too lazy to work

Lazy BritishNearly ten million people in Britain are out of work – more than six times the official unemployment rate – it was revealed last night. The ‘hidden army’ of jobless accounts for a quarter of the working-age population.

Critics said the staggering numbers represented a ‘huge pool of wasted talent’ and fuelled concerns about the drain on the economy.

The Labour Party swept into power in 1945, and the United Kingdom underwent a wholesale change in ideology. The Labour Party wasted precious little time in mandating a series of programs aimed directly at revolutionizing every aspect of British society. It initially accomplished through an aggressive agenda involving the nationalization of various systems such as power industries and the the health care and insurance systems, among others. The aim of these moves by the Labour Party was nothing less than full employment throughout the country with the most basic needs to be provided by the government.

What has been created in the United Kingdom has been referred to as the welfare state. Those who simply don’t want to work, don’t have to – for life. With an abundance of social programs for everything from health care to housing many are lowering their expectations and simply leading a life devoid of work altogether. Many of the radical Islamic protesters you have seen in the news are riding the same gravy train, freeing up their calendar to protest.
Lazy British

It explains why thousands of British descend onto the streets to protest anything at the drop of the hat. With the welfare state now established over four generations children of the non-working class are carrying on the family tradition of avoiding work.
Lazy British

The latest generation has gorged themselves on this self-indulgent life style and culture to the point that few bother to marry. In fact throughout the industrialized world this not-so-hard-working culture of ‘ask not what you can do for your country, but what can it do for me’ mentality has actually caused negative population growth in native populations. The act of caring for another human being distracts from going to parties and having fun. In countries with robust economies this has drawn immigrants from neighboring third world countries, but in Russia with a struggling economy the population is declining.
Lazy British

When President Bush says the immigrants are here to do jobs that Americans won’t do, he is speaking the truth. The figure of a quarter of the population points to an interesting dilemma, with social programs increasing – why bother working?

Ironically it was a British intellectual Alexander Tyler who once said “the majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury.” Tyler claimed that repercussion of this discovery would be the downfall of democracy.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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