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Cross dressing a one year sentence in Muslim country?

cross dresserIn Nigeria the crime of dressing as a woman is punishable by up to a year in prison. 18 Nigerians were arrested in the town of Bauchi and face a up to a year in prison and 20 lashes. The prison terms seems a bit harsh, I can see a public nuisance fine or something if you cross dress and have a five o’clock shadow and look like Homer Simpson with a wig.

Not sure if they are into lashings but they might like that part. As far as whether something like that is a crime or not really depends on whether or not they scare small children and if their appearance constitutes a visual blight…

This should definitely be some sort of fine at least, I propose the following sliding scale for Nigeria and Texas:

FINE: This person is just making things for gay people worse, I can’t imagine anyone on the planet being attracted to this visual train wreck of evolution. If the dress doesn’t fit the facial hair you must acquit and stick to the men’s restroom for all of our sakes.

WARNING: This person is obviously trying, but sadly a masculine looking forty something with thinning hair just can’t pull off being confused as a woman by anyone who is not seriously visually impaired. He gets an A for effort but like Paris Hilton trying to act both of them are in way over their head. He needs to stop embarrassing himself and save the money he is wasting on makeup for retirement.

No Fine
NO FINE: Holy confusing visual cues Batman, this girl officially qualifies as a two dollar girl? She could totally walk into any women’s restroom or get enough harassment from men to join the female team. If someone looks like this and can fool you long enough until you feel something poking you, that should be between you and the friends you are camping with.

Dozens of residents shouted abuse and hurled stones at the men as they were escorted into an armored prison vehicle after the hearing, prompting police to fire tear-gas at the crowd. No word one on how many in the crowd had been fooled by the cross dressers and had unwittingly broken the law.

In Nigeria as virtually all countries that have sharia (or islamic law) homosexuality is a crime. Forty percent of British Muslims, as well as large numbers of Muslims living throughout the west support establishing sharia law. I wonder how much longer liberals would still consider Republicans the biggest problem facing the world today.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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