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Whale watching trip goes horribly wrong

whale watching gone wrongWhale watching tourists off the coast of Japan were treated to an unexpected site when a whale they were looking for were watching was hauled into a nearby whaling boat. Japan’s controversial whaling program is categorized by as being scientific and for research purposes. Although the program mainly measures the whale meat delivered to Japanese restaurants and supermarkets.
The eco-tourism boat full of tourists came up along side the Baird’s beaked whale as they spotted water from it’s blowhole. The 20 tourists looked on in horror to see the rare whale struggling for life bleeding from a harpoon. One of the two other whale watching ships nearby left when a child started crying.

Beards Beaked WhaleThe Baird’s beaked whale looks like a very large dolphin, grows to as long as 40 feet and may live for as long as 70 years (assuming it can avoid the Japanese Navy that is). The 12 ton creatures feed on squid, octopus, mackerel, sardines, and deep sea fishes and reportedly does taste like chicken. The Russians briefly whaled the creature but gave it up as being unprofitable because the creatures were so rare.

The whaling company operating the “research vessel” is filing a protest with the local town government saying the whale watching ship came dangerously close to it.

Maybe it’s because I still haven’t gotten the whole over Pearl Harbor thing (the horrible Disney movie, not the actual event), like Flipper or maybe it’s because I hate seafood but whaling does seem a bit lame. In Asia they will eat pretty much anything that swims, crawls, slithers or just plain doesn’t run fast enough, so I guess it’s to be expected. Or maybe I just get nervous because I like to swim and Japanese actually ate American prisoners during the war .

Whatever the reason is I will continue to fume over it while eating my all beef cheeseburger while I am on hold with “Jeff” from Dell customer support in India.

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Whale for dinner
This one is reasonably priced, goes well with a nice red wine, is full flavored and doesn’t taste like Nemo.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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