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Is Tom Cruise building a $10 million underground bunker?

Tom Cruise Super BunkerAccording to recent (albeit unsubstantiated) rumors reports Tom Cruise is building a multi million dollar bomb shelter underneath his Colorado home. It’s possible that the entertainment world mistook him wanting to avoid his recent string of movies bombing for wanting a bomb shelter. Apparently when Tom Cruise isn’t busy ultrasounding his pregnant near child bride (who probably calls him daddy) he’s busy planning to be the next messiah or something.
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Pedro takes your tax dollars and makes a run for the border

Pedro takes your tax dollars and makes a run for the borderPedro, Pedro, Pedro.  U.S. customs took $59,000 from Pedro Zapeta.  To be honest though, it wasn’t all his money.  When the government attempted to give him some of his money, he refused to accept it.  Now this mess has evolved and you and I are paying for it.  Continue Reading »

Ad shows gay Jesus at Last Supper surrounded by sex toys

Last Gay SupperIn a world where simply having a cartoon of Muhammad results in world wide riots and major news outlets refuse to even reprint the harmless cartoon Christianity is more than fair game. The Last Supper poster promoting the Folsom Street Fair replaces the bread and wine with sex toys and depicts Jesus Christ and his disciples as “half-naked homosexual sadomasochists.” The event is being sponsored by major companies including Miller beer. Continue Reading »

Clinton wants your second graders reading this book

Second graders bookAll three frontrunners in the Democratic presidential race suggested Wednesday night at their debate in New Hampshire that they’d support reading the controversial book to children as part of a school curriculum. The book was the subject of a lawsuit in Massachusetts were second graders were forced to read a gay fairytale. Around the country boy scouts, the pledge of allegiance, the US flag, mentioning the word God are all off limits but your toddler needs a gay love story. Continue Reading »

Man hooks up with wheelchair bound 75 yr old Elizabeth Taylor

She's a witchUnlike Anna Nicole Smith who was a stripper when she hooked up with billionaire J. Howard Marshall, this guy has cash of his own. African American businessman Jason Winters is by all accounts very wealthy. Why then would this non hideous rich guy go chasing down a wheelchair bound Elizabeth Taylor? Could it be the diamonds perfume she hawks is really just cover witchcraft?
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David Hasselhoff action figure cut out

David HasselhoffJust can’t get enough of celebrities? Try out the new David Hasslehoff action figure cut out paper doll. Make him the evil bad guy from Night Rider by adding a mustache like they did in the 80’s action show. Better yet give him a hamburger and let him roll around on the floor drunk like he did on you tube.
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Press uno for English

Press uno for EnglishIt’s not easy being caucasion in some areas of los Estados Unidos de América, I mean the United States of America. While Hispanics and Latinos are described as the largest minority group in the United States, there are approximately over 44 million people to whom they refer (though sometimes it seems like more when you drive into some neighborhoods). Continue Reading »

Vote for me – I might pull out

Oil disruptionCount last night’s democratic presidential debate as one that finally asked a good question. The candidates were asked point blank if they could would be out of Iraq by 2013. In what may have been the greatest tease of all time all three major democratic candidates Edwards, Obama and Clinton said no. Continue Reading »

Thinking about getting a tattoo?

TattooAt the end of the day guys would stick a fork in their head to impress women, and girls will sometimes date world class losers just to upset their parents. I’m not saying not to get a tattoo – I think it looks good on strippers. I guess you should really consider this it’s like getting married, both cause pain and hard to get out of Here are some things you might want to consider before paying for a tattoo… Continue Reading »

Nuclear missile base on sale now for $1.5 Million

Missile BaseLooking for that below ground home that can survive a nuclear attack or a full fledged zombie infestation? Well if you have 300K down you can purchase The Former Larsen Air Force Base Complex 1A Titan ICBM Facility 90 minutes from Spokane Washington. Closed in 1965 the sprawling 65 acre facility has 16 underground buildings, 3 160 foot tall missile silos and more for just 1.5 million. Continue Reading »

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