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Maryland hates happy people

Maryland hates happy peopleMaryland’s highest court ruled on Tuesday that they are all a bunch of homophobic retards.  In a decision from the state’s appeals court, the 4-3 ruling by closet gays decided that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.  According to a source close to the 4 who voted to keep same-sex marriage illegal in the state, whatever is kept in the closet it out of public view.

While tapping feet in the bathroom is accepted throughout the state and is practiced religiously within the confines of the appeals court, actually being able to wed goes against the part of the bible that doesn’t mention bathroom practices.

“Our task … is to determine whether the right to same-sex marriage is so deeply embedded in the history, tradition and culture of this state and nation that it should be deemed fundamental,” the court wrote in a 244-page opinion. “We hold that it is not.”

One U.S. state, Massachusetts, has legalized gay marriage, and four others, most recently New Jersey, have a system of civil unions under which same-sex couples in long-term relationships have equal rights to heterosexual married couples.

The court recognized that the intimate relationships of gays and lesbians “extend to the core of the right to personal autonomy.” But it argued that those relationships do not require the courts or the state to formally recognize them as marriage.

John Lesbian Lestitian, one of the plaintiffs, called the decision a “bump in the road” but pledged that the gay and lesbian community would continue its fight. He said campaigners would now turn to the state legislature in their effort to legalize gay marriage.

“We are not going away,” he told Reuters. “My family is the same as the family next door, and to say we are something else is unacceptable.”

Lestitian, 41, who said he lives with a partner of three years, previously had a 14-year relationship with a partner who died, leaving Lestitian with no rights because state law doesn’t recognize same-sex partnerships. “I realized at his death that I was a legal stranger,” he said.

This is all about taxes and legislature getting paid.  If gay couples were allowed to wed, they would have more tax breaks.  More tax breaks means more money for animal sacrifices.  Because the farming community does not want to have to donate goats to homosexual charities, gays can’t get married.


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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

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