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Grandmother wants to open chain of strip to exercise gyms

Stripper GrandmaI used to think stripping was just for daughters of divorced parents who had emotional issues and didn’t want to get a real job that would interfere with a drug habit. At a strip club I normally just sit and drool so I don’t get any exercise whatsoever, but the girls have get a real workout. Just dancing with 18 inch heels is exercise enough, but when you combine pole gymnastics it’s a red light stairmaster on steroids.

60-year-old Nancy Altman wanted to build strength and get rid of her aches and pains, she didn’t go the gym. She’s swinging her stuff at the Strip-2-Fit fitness studio, and she’s not alone.

It’s somewhere this Jacksonville grandmother says she never expected to be. “Never in my wildest dreams!”

The dancing and swinging has helped the ladies in her class – all over the age of forty – tone up and lose weight. 46-year-old M’Liss Stewart says she’s now twenty pounds lighter. “Things have toned and moved up and changed and I’m tickled with that mostly.”

Altman says it’s the medicine she needs. She says her arthritis doesn’t bother her anymore, and the only side effect is a bonus for her husband. “”I go home and show him some of the moves I’ve learned and he’s really enjoying that part of it.”

Strip-2-Fit owner Kim DeHart says more and more older women are swinging from the poles and doing cardio strip tease. She says the new craze works all the muscles and keeps it interesting, so women can get a great workout no matter how old they are.

Of course exercise for all women helps lower blood pressure, relieve joint pain, and strengthen bones to help prevent osteoporosis.

Although most of the women in Altman’s class are grandmothers, Strip-2-Fit offers classes for women off all ages. Currently two locations are open, but they are looking to franchise more Strip-2-Fit studios.

If worse comes to worse the place can start serving overpriced frozen food snacks, beer and 5 dollar cans of coke to make some extra cash. That is of course if grandma doesn’t mind an audience. I suppose they could divide the workout area into different areas, the older and least attractive exercisers hidden from public view. Then again some people are into that sort of thing, so it could all work out. Although a worst case scenario would be enjoying a beer and strippers only to see your own grandmother jiggle on to stage. Most men would be willing to take that risk, providing of course they had a much lower cover charge than places with good looking women. Think of it not as much as hooters, but as a 99 cent strip club and women to get a little exercise. Who knows it could wind up being a very profitable venture for all involved.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Humor, News



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