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Brady Bunch could have gone on Jerry Springer

The Brady BunchLike most kids who had to grow up before TIVO and six hundred channels I had to endure repeats of the Brad Bunch and Gilligan’s Island like all the other kids who wanted to avoid reading. As it turns out the Brady Bunch was a whole lot more like Jerry Springer meets Caligula behind the scenes.
For those of you keeping score at home the rzone has created this handy diagram to track all of the fun filled semi incestuous action:
Brady Bunch

Marcia and Jan Brady had sex

Maureen McCormick is set to reveal the beloved ’70s TV series’ most shocking secret in a new book–she and her on-screen sister had a lesbian fling.

McCormick’s tell-all, Here’s the Story, won’t hit bookstores until 2008, but publishers are already buzzing about the big reveal.

As well as talking candidly about her well-documented eating disorder and drug problems in the book, TV’s Marcia Brady will come clean about a romance she had with costar Eve Plumb, who played her sister Jan on the hit show.

A source tells The National Enquirer, “The most explosive comments will be how the then blonde, blue-eyed cutie developed a crush on Eve Plumb, which led to some sexual play.

“This book will certainly come as a shocker. While Maureen is not a lesbian, she reveals there were some sexual hijinks going on behind the scenes.

While several sources are disputing this claim, simply imagining Eve Plumb saying “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” in the heat of the moment is fantasy enough for me.


Sister Brother Action

After dating his TV Mom Barry Williams turned transferred his romantic desires to Maureen “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” McCormick. That relationship heated up when the Bradys were filming a three-part season premiere in Hawaii. Barry Williams stated he and Marsha “dated” on and off for two years before the show ended.

Apparently the youngest siblings Cindy & Bobby made out in the dog house just to keep up with the rest of the family.


Oldest Brady Dated his TV Mom

Early on in the show, Barry developed a crush on Florence Henderson. Henderson was an experienced singer, which Barry also aspired to be and a mature woman. At the time, she was in her mid-thirties and had four kids of her own. One day, Barry asked her on a date and Florence, likely flattered and touched by Barry’s admiration of her, accepted. Barry acknowledged that the date was very innocent; he took her out to dinner and then he took her home and gave her a quick good-night kiss. That was all there was to that relationship.


Brady Love Triangle

Dad was gay and died of AIDS

Robert Reed was by all accounts a nice guy to all of the kids on the show and there were never any allegations of him being anything but a great guy to work with. By all accounts, though, Reed was a great influence on the kids who played his children on The Brady Bunch. He once took all six Brady kids on a vacation to New York and London aboard the QE2 cruise-liner. He also gave all his TV children Super 8 movie cameras — the era’s high-tech moviemaking toy. Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby Brady, remembers this as a turning point — he grew up to become a camera operator.

It is commonly believed that he died of AIDS and it is rumored that he favored young blond men and cruised a park near his Pasadena home looking for partners-paying them up to $200 for sex. He kept his homosexuality secret because he feared it would shatter his squeaky-clean image- and guarded the secret so zealously that even some of his “Brady Bunch” costars didn’t know he was gay.

A security guard at the nearby Surf and Sand hotel saw him bring his young lovers back to the hotel and take them to his room. The all called him a $200 trick.” He gave them $100 for sex and an extra $100 to “shut up.” Then he threatened them: “You tell anyone you were with me and it’ll be over for you. I’ll send someone after you.”

Gay bars weren’t the only places where Reed searched for lovers–he also frequented an adult bookstore in Pasadena, said a former bookstore employee. “In the back of the store are individual booths where people can go and watch porno films. Reed would enter a booth with another man and they’d have sex as they watched a porno movie.”

Brady Bunch Dad


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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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    urahero on 28 Aug 2008 at 9:07 pm

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