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MySpace spam

MySpace spamIt’s a well known fact that if it weren’t for spam, half of the work day would be available for things like goofing around at work, millions of people would go home to only see empty personal email inboxes, the Internet would run quicker and people would get bored sooner.  Here’s another spam depository, I call it MySpace.

Myspace.com has become of the success stories that people read about in Web 2.0 magazines and can actually envision themselves accomplishing (good luck you goofballs).  Of course, for every success story there are tens of thousands of Retard Zone sites (oh ya, “welcome to Retard Zone!”). 

Of course, whenever there is any success story, there are more people willing to use that success as a stepping stone and in this case, spam people.  Alright, so Retard Zone doesn’t have a MySpace account, but I do personally.  My account is so lame that the unicorns and rainbows on my page would really demean the most efeminite men.

I made a change in the MySpace spam settings on my account out of curiousity as to how much spam I would receive.  In this case, spam is considered “MySpace Friend Request”, and the total someone can get is quite amazing.  I’m pretty sure that Tom isn’t the most liked person in the world, he just accepts every new member which means he gets something like a 400:1 ratio of invalid accounts to valid ones.  I received over 180 email requests in less than three days and MySpace page actually only has like 2 people and Tom is trying to get away from me.

MySpace spam

Below you will see the settings that I currently use, which helps to reduce the spam traffic that gets generated when anyone new creates a MySpace account and wants to add you as a friend.  The purpose of adding you as a friend?  Because when you go to their MySpace page you are confronted with choices of either viewing their web cam show, earning money working from home, filling out surveys, or joining another site (American Singles anyone?).

MySpace spam

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Rants, Review, Technerd, Tips & Tricks


2 Responses to “MySpace spam”

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    leo wallace on 13 Aug 2008 at 10:15 am
  2. Thank you for your feedback, and your sexy dirty talk you big nasty boy.

    Jerome on 13 Aug 2008 at 10:42 am

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