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Starting an Islamic laugh riot

Cartoon RiotSo what would it take to get executed if this was a Muslim nation? Well even a silly cartoon as it turns out. Unlike the Danish cartoons this cartoon didn’t even show the Muhammad. The demonstrators demanded the execution of the paper’s editor, Matiur Rahman, and burned effigies of him and his Bengali-language daily.
The BBC article was afraid to reprint the cartoons for fear of offending people, fortunately we have no such reservations/better judgement/etc.

The editor was fired, and criminal charges are likely to be charged against him for this cartoon…

Here is the offensive cartoon complete with an English translation:
Laugh Riot

News Article

Personally I prefer the Danish one:
Danish Cartoon

This cartoon, and the other ones published cost 139 lives and rioting throughout the planet:
Danish Cartoon
The red spots indicated fatalities.

Danish Cartoon Violence

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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