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MySpace spam

MySpace spamIt’s a well known fact that if it weren’t for spam, half of the work day would be available for things like goofing around at work, millions of people would go home to only see empty personal email inboxes, the Internet would run quicker and people would get bored sooner.  Here’s another spam depository, I call it MySpace. Continue Reading »

Brady Bunch could have gone on Jerry Springer

The Brady BunchLike most kids who had to grow up before TIVO and six hundred channels I had to endure repeats of the Brad Bunch and Gilligan’s Island like all the other kids who wanted to avoid reading. As it turns out the Brady Bunch was a whole lot more like Jerry Springer meets Caligula behind the scenes. Continue Reading »

John Chow advocates killing endangered species

John Chow advocates killing endangered speciesIn what must be one of the oddest advertisements I’ve seen in my 5 hours total time of being on a computer, there is an ad for John Chow’s website where he’s holding a knife to a panda’s throat in a threatening manner.  I’m not sure if this is something that Canadian’s are aggreable to, but in the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth, this is not acceptable. Continue Reading »

Starting an Islamic laugh riot

Cartoon RiotSo what would it take to get executed if this was a Muslim nation? Well even a silly cartoon as it turns out. Unlike the Danish cartoons this cartoon didn’t even show the Muhammad. The demonstrators demanded the execution of the paper’s editor, Matiur Rahman, and burned effigies of him and his Bengali-language daily. Continue Reading »

Over 10,000 cameras in London may not reduce crime

London CamsLondon has over 10 thousand cameras monitoring the city 24 hours a day, yet crime figures are unable to show a verifiable increase in convictions. The estimated cost of all these cameras is well over four hundred million dollars. It could just be that British television is so incredibly boring that no one could watch any one of them without falling asleep. Continue Reading »

Man without nose arrested for kidnapping

Bad Grinch The woman told investigators that her boyfriend, along with Robert Wayne “No Nose” Gardner, 47, and Robert Paul McCabe, 38, a man who had been doing work around the couple’s house, kidnapped her from the garage on a Saturday morning. They used duct tape and handcuffs to restrain her. After being shot in the face Gardner was left permanently disfigured, and is his own walking version of ‘caption this picture’ and constantly confused with The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Continue Reading »

Thousands rally to support students indicted for attempted murder

Support violenceIn what should have been a non-issue, thousands of blacks protesters gathered in Jena, Louisiana on Thursday to show support for the “Jena 6”, six black teens charged in the beating of a white classmate. Thursday was the day Mychal Bell expected to find out his punishment for his alleged role in the beating. “This is a march for justice. This is not a march against whites or against Jena,” said the Rev. Al Sharpton, a loud and annoying black, anti civil rights activist and one of the protest organizers. Continue Reading »

Grandmother wants to open chain of strip to exercise gyms

Stripper GrandmaI used to think stripping was just for daughters of divorced parents who had emotional issues and didn’t want to get a real job that would interfere with a drug habit. At a strip club I normally just sit and drool so I don’t get any exercise whatsoever, but the girls have get a real workout. Just dancing with 18 inch heels is exercise enough, but when you combine pole gymnastics it’s a red light stairmaster on steroids.
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Jesse Jackson says Barak Obama ‘acting like he’s white’

Barak not black enoughJesse Jackson recently criticized Barak Obama stating that he wasn’t black enough and “acting like he’s white”. I am worried that Barak being down so far in the polls might get desperate and overcompensate. Barak has always seemed like a decent enough family man and I don’t want to read about him being arrested trying to get his ‘street cred.’
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What to wear when you’re 900 pounds

Wear a tarpWhen I get dressed in the morning to go out in public sometimes I’m not sure what to wear. I’m over six feet tall weigh over 260 pounds, unless I’m dieting. I’m not a small person, and sometimes I have trouble finding normal size shirts to fit my shoulders. But, I wonder if I weighed say half a ton, what I wear out on the town…
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