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Wiccan lottery winner to open real life Hogwarts wizard school

wicca schoolWiccan ‘high priest’ Bunky Barlett who won $49 million dollars is planning to open a school for witches – a real life Hogwarts. Bunky who quit his day job, a bookkeeping service after winning the lottery. Continue Reading »

Prejudice puts man in jail for love

forbidden loveAt one point in history (and still in most of the Muslim world) it was a punishable offense to go around without an escort with someone you aren’t married to. Divorce was a taboo and until judges wisely overturned voters gay marriage wasn’t legal. Now prejudice has landed an Iowan jail in man for loving the partner he loved. Continue Reading »

True hitchhiking horror story for Halloween

Hitcher thumbJust in time for halloween comes a tale of horror that is sure to dissuade even the most charitable from offering a stranger a ride. Hitchhiking can be dangerous for either party in this case it was for both. This ill fated trip was a nightmare for both parties, complete with a Hollywood twist that nearly took the life of one of them. Continue Reading »

Metallica fan goes on shaving strike waiting for new album

Metallica Fan Shaving StrikeTake one Metallica fan and a band that spends more time worrying about people downloading their music than actually making it. The BEARDweekone has given up shaving until the band releases their next album. The new album is scheduled for release sometime around February of 2008, but should be available for illegal download a week or two before that.
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Abandoned building invaded by giant monster art

Abandoned Russian HorrorTake one abandoned building somewhere in Russia and enough giant fake monsters to make a bad horror movie and a sequel. Not sure what was going on here, maybe some frustrated artist colony or the leftovers of some yet to be straight to video monster flick but it does make for some cool pictures.
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23 retarded friends lowering the IQ of six billion

Retard ThumbToday while I was surfing the web when I really should have been working I found an utterly retarded site and decided it needed help. The ‘6 billion’ people webpage only had 43 people on it so I decided to add myself 23 times. Now beyond the two pictures of myself I needed to come up with 21 of my friends to help contribute to this site. Continue Reading »

Top 10 reasons Dumbledore was gay

Top 10 reasons Dumbledore was gayAuthor JK Rowling recently revealed that beloved wizard school master Dumbledore was gay. This stunned most of the world, but there were signs all along and we break down the top 10 reasons we should have known all along. Continue Reading »

Retard wizard trapped in hat, freed by fire department

retard wizardTake one traffic cone, one three year old and Harry Potter and you’re going to need to call the fire department. In a scene somewhat reminiscent of the baby Jessica rescue, only slightly retarded a crowd of firemen worked to free the poor child from a traffic cone. Continue Reading »

Parking for retards

Parking for retardsSome moron has decided into park in one of our spots and we are way too immature to let this go without wildly inappropriate overreaction. Parking directly behind the parktard didn’t seem to do the trick so we decided to get the city involved, or at least by proxy.
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David Copperfield’s latest magic trick could put him in jail

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield the illusionist is wishing he could make the charges against him disappear. The magician who somehow convinced supermodel Claudia Schiffer to marry him may have pushed his luck to far, or had his ruffies wear off early… Continue Reading »

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