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Google hates veterans

Google hates American VeteransGoogle has celebrated more than 62 holidays that it considers to be more important than memorial day or veterans day in the United States. They have gone so far as to actually celebrate Australian Veterans day. Maybe it would be more correct to say that they just hate American veterans because they already recognize Australian Veterans. See how many holidays the hypocrites who fly their own 767 jet around and pretend to be pro-environment…

So when they aren’t spying on Chinese citizens and turning them into their oppressive government for millions they 98 percent of all political donations by Google employees went to support Democrats, and as a matter of fact, Al Gore is now a senior adviser to Google. Which makes sense because he did claim to invent the internet in the first place.

All of these left wing companies with agendas all cliam to ‘support the troops’ but unlike after the second world war when companies went out of their way to hire vets when was the last time you heard about Iraq vets being hired?

Just pick any one of these days and replace it with Memorial Day for our troops – they deserve at least that much.

61 days more important to google:

  1. Happy Anzac Day Memorial day for Australians, still ignoring American Memorial Day
    Anzac Day
  2. Soviets launch Sputnik with forced labor long live Stalin – he only killed between 3 and 60 million people, let’s not forget the good things.
  3. Indian Festival of Color lots of colors good, smell not so good
    Google Indian Festival of Color
  4. Dragon Boat Festival Imaginary creature boat day is very important
    Google Dragon Boat Festival
  5. Persian New Year Persia is the old name for Iran without the negative brand name
    Google Persian New Year
  6. Conan Doyle’s Birthday
    Conan Doyle's Birthday
  7. French Bastille Day Celebrating the French cutting off people’s heads
    French Bastille Day
  8. Korean Liberation Day I forgot to get you something for Korean Liberation day – how about a hot dog?
  9. Aliens Would be funnier if they had recognized illegal alien day
    Alien Day
  10. Burning Man Festival Nothing like thousand of hippies driving thousand of miles to go trample in the desert and burn things – is that good for the environment in any way?
    Burning Man
  11. Children’s Day Gosh I missed that one – where there supposed to be presents or something?
    Children's Day
  12. World Water Day
    Water Day
  13. Leap Year Day Every four years we should all jump up and down three times.
    Leap Year Day
  14. Nobel Prize Day Nobel family – made their money making munitions in world war one
    Nobel Prize
  15. Einstein Day happy Einstein day – no one comb their hair today.
    Einstein Day
  16. National Teachers Day Most high school graduates can’t read, write or spell at an eighth grade level – congratulations.
    National Teachers
  17. Mars Rover Day countdown to banning space exploration because of the pollution caused starts in 3, 2, 1…
    Mars Rover
  18. International Women’s Day Kids have a day, women have a day, men can go fly a kite on kite day.
    International Women's Day
  19. Groundhog Day Let us not forget the sacrifices of our furry little friends the groundhogs.
    Groundhog Day
  20. Australian Day celebrate by harassing wild animals and saying ‘crikey’ to passers by.
    Happy Australian Day
  21. Melbourne Cup Day racing towards PETA seeking a ban on horse racing
    Melbourne Cup
  22. Winter Holiday Christmas must be banned at all costs!
    Winter Holiday
  23. Roald Dahl’s Day guy who road Willie Wonka
    Dahl Day
  24. Chinese Teacher’s Day teach kids to work an assembly line for 31 cents an hour.
    China's Teacher's Day
  25. Rosh Hashana not seen in England where the mention of anything Jewish would cause Muslim rioting.
    Rosh Hashana
  26. Van Gogh Day mentally ill painter who cut us off his ear and then killed himself, happy birthday big guy.
  27. Braille Day maybe we could have lied to them and told them there was a special logo for them
    Braille day
  28. Celebrating Pigeons Flying rat day – those would be some messy keyboards, pigeons aren’t potty trained.
    Pigeon Day
  29. Swiss National Day too easy to make fun of the Swiss.
    Swiss National Day
  30. Lunar New Year How many new years days are there in a year?
    New Year
  31. Music Day Music is more important than veterans, without music ipods would just so much toxic waste for landfills every year or so after their batteries wear out or storage capacity becomes obsolete.
    Music Day
  32. World Cup Day soccer is a big deal for non-Americans and six year olds.
  33. Library Day return an overdue library book to remember the sacrifices of old ladies telling you to shush.
    Library Day
  34. Earth Day a day where celebrities fly on private jets and tell us to not use regular light bulbs before going to sleep in their million dollar mansions.
    Earth Day
  35. Dilbert Day where would our country be without Dilbert?
  36. Alferd Hitchcock Day does anyone watch black and white movies anymore?
    Hitchcock Day
  37. Da Vinci Day Thanks to our incompetent teachers history will remember him for a movie about a make believe code he had nothing to do with!
    Da Vinci
  38. DNA Day try and spread some of your DNA around to celebrate!
    DNA Day
  39. Airplane Day celebrating airplanes and earth day – make up your mind Google, then again they have their own massive private jet so it’s good pollution if you are doing it.
    Airplane Day
  40. Much Day chew loudly with your mouth open on much day.
    Much Day
  41. Canada Day celebrate Canada day by drinking a beer and not watching a hockey game.
    Canada Day
  42. Father’s Day how long will it be before the term father is banned for some unisex, less ‘threatening’ term.
    Father's Day
  43. Mother’s Day see above for sarcastic but accurate comment.
    Mother's Day
  44. St Patrick’s Day pinch me I’m throwing up green beer.
    St Patrick's Day
  45. Thanksgiving go manifest destiny! Ban holiday on account of it’s symbolic injustice to native americans.
    Thanks Giving
  46. New Years Day – the actual calendar new year, not one of the made up ones.
    Happy New Year
  47. Happy Olympics Day I swear every year they just make up three more sports so smaller countries have a shot at hearing their national anthem on TV for the first time.
  48. St. George Day patron saint for many countries in europe, and they do have twice as many holidays to fill.
    St George Day
  49. Venus Transit Day can I take this one off from work too?
    Venus Transit Day
  50. Bloomsday make a satirical comment in honor of the cartoon strip.
  51. Valentine’s Day enjoy it while you can before it’s banned like India and the Muslim nations.
    Valentine's Day
  52. Ray Charles Day
    Ray Charles
  53. Michelangelo Day
    michelangelo day
  54. Picasso Day can i start taking all these days off as holidays – need to ask HR about that.
    picasso day
  55. Monet Day
    Monet Day
  56. Frank Lloyd Wright Day
    Frank Lloyd Wright
  57. Escher Day
    Escher Day
  58. Election Day
    Election Day
  59. Halloween
  60. Mondrian Day
    Mondrian Day
  61. German Reunification Day
    German Reunification Day

This site here has a bunch of good ideas for a memorial day logo for Google:
Memorial Day Logos

While they are practically making up holidays here are some more ideas for them:
More Holidays

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Celebrity, Entertainment, News, Political, Technerd


7 Responses to “Google hates veterans”

  1. This article is ****ing retarded.

    Tim Desrochers on 04 Oct 2007 at 2:51 pm
  2. Wow what a retort – calling a post from a site called retardzone, retarded that really hurts. From a family of veterans I am always amazed how liberal hippies give lip service to supporting the troops but deep down they have nothing but contempt for the military.

    Jerome on 06 Oct 2007 at 10:12 pm
  3. I wrote a column about this on The Skinny, CBS News’s daily news round-up. Check it out: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/10/09/the_skinny/main3346895.shtml

    Keach Hagey on 09 Oct 2007 at 12:08 pm
  4. Keach, nice write up! Thanks for reading here and please let us know when you write about something else.

    Michael on 09 Oct 2007 at 3:42 pm
  5. Maybe I am “Johnnny come lately…” but you amercians need to get over it! Maybe Google has never “americanized” their logo for a few simple reasons,

    1) america’s current political regime
    2) america’s current foreign policy
    3) america’s current military foreign policy

    Do you think that might have something to do with it? Geez!

    ZZaR on 13 Jul 2008 at 10:31 am
  6. Google has the same psychosis as most patients who HATE with joyful bitterness- they harbor a deep GUILT brought on by their own success. A success which they never could have achieved in the UK, but only in the USA.

    Think of Google as a young psychotic lad- his thinking is so disturbed that he dreams of murdering his own parents; those same parents who sacrificed so much to nurture him.

    In sum: Google is a classic example of the psychosis of ingratitude.

    And Cato the Elder knew the only cure: “GOOGLE DELENDA EST !”

    JR Goldstein on 10 Nov 2008 at 11:52 am
  7. Yep, there’s lots of ’em out there like Google. Take for instance, the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) in Golden, CO. They are a Federal contractor to the tune of $1Billion, but do not have even one (1) US Vietnam Veteran working at the facility. “This isn’t going to become like the US Post Office with a bunch of old disabled Vietnam veterans working here,” one HR person told me when I applied. (I have it on tape.)

    NREL does actively recruit foreign nationals on their website, but doesn’t mention US veterans. Now that’s very American.

    Mike Jessie on 10 Mar 2010 at 2:40 pm

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