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UK Microsoft Jackpot Lottery winner

#I’m going to retire. I never thought this day would come, but I won a lottery! I know that soon all of my family and friends and friends of friends will start talking to me again and acknowledge that I’m alive (I miss you mommy!) because of my new found wealth. Though I haven’t found out how to collect yet. Continue Reading »

Lasagna cooked in dishwasher recipe

Dishwasher LasagnaI’ve seen recipes for cooking food in your engine block, which requires leaving the house, spending twenty bucks in gas to drive far enough to cook something, ingesting fumes trapped in your food, and destroying the environment with that carbon emitting planet death trap called a car. That requires way too much work and going outside, this recipe is more my couch potato speed: Dishwasher Lasagna!
Continue Reading »

Flying saucers may soon be deployed to Iraq

Flying SaucerResearchers have developed an UAV that looks like a flying saucer and is being evaluated by the British and American armies for service. GFS Projects’ unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can soar high in the air, hover, bank and fly over any terrain, making it ideal for military surveillance. A propeller mounted atop the two-foot-wide aircraft pushes air down over the saucer-shaped body, creating a broad cone of thrust extending outward. Continue Reading »

United Nations official building 1.6 million dollar toilet

1.6 million dollar toiletThe United Nations has declared 2008 the year of sanitation – and how best for an totally corrupt organization to celebrate something like that than a nearly two million dollar toilet. The primary architect of this campaign is Sim Jae-Duck, a former mayor of Suwon city on the outskirts of Seoul, and chairman of the organizing committee of an upcoming international conference on sanitation, in the Korean capital Nov. 21-25. Continue Reading »

First ghost Pope John Paul sighting

pope sightingIn what is sure to be just the first of many Pope John Paul sightings Vatican TV director Jarek Cielecki, a Polish priest and close friend of John Paul II, travelled to Poland after hearing an onlooker had photographed the image. Father Cielecki said he was convinced the picture showed the former pontiff. Continue Reading »

Women faces jail time for swearing at toilet in her own bathroom

arguing with toiletA West Scranton woman could face up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $300 for allegedly shouting profanities at an overflowing toilet while inside her Luzerne Street home. Dawn Herb, whose potty mouth caught the attention of an off-duty police officer, was charged with disorderly conduct recently, prompting her to fire off a letter to the editor and vow to fight the charge. Continue Reading »

Don’t squeeze my Charmin

Don't squeeze my CharminFOND DU LAC, Wisconsin — It’s possible that the world’s largest toilet paper prank is in the making, and though we few and proud at Retard Zone are known for pranks, this isn’t our doing.

Fond du Lac County Executive Allen Buechel said someone has been repeatedly stealing toilet paper from the men’s public bathrooms at the Fond du Lac City County Government Center since June. Unfortunately it appears that the Fond du Lac City police department aren’t as smart as the thief. Continue Reading »

Latest trend in plastic surgery: inflating women’s private parts

Female SurgeryFor decades men have been guilty of either exaggerating their own size or looking for ways to increase the dimensions of a certain body part. Now woman are actually paying up to twenty thousand dollars to their private parts enlarged. A Hollywood gynecologist has set up an institute specializing in the various procedures used to enhance the female organ. Continue Reading »

How to get rid of blackheads

How to get rid of blackheadsBeing an avid reader and someone that is interested in science of all sorts, at least when it doesn’t interrupt my faith, I found great interest when I read the title of a blog post and it grabbed my attention like a free bottle of vodka grabs a drunk homeless former-stockbroker.  So I clicked and started to read… Continue Reading »

10 dumbest things done on job interviews

Job InterviewIn a poll of hiring managers a few weeks ago, Accountemps (www.accountemps.com), a worldwide accounting-and-finance staffing firm based in Menlo Park, Calif., asked them, “What is the wackiest or most unusual pitch you’ve heard from a job seeker about why he or she should get the job?” Continue Reading »

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