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Ask the admin why he likes being punked

Wow, it’s been such a long time since we’ve heard from Karl, a.k.a. Ask The Admin. Apparently it was a slow day today and he decided that he should bring an old story back to life. Continue Reading »

Hillary Clinton romantically linked to celebrity

There are often coincidences that only hindsight can help to clarify and through some pretty clean and clear observations, you will see that Hillary Clinton is positioning herself strategically throughout her compaign tour in order to get together with a Howard Stern Show employee, Artie Lange. Continue Reading »

Adopt a pet and satisfy an appetite

I don’t much like spam. I know, you all would agree with me and say that you get a lot of spam and don’t like it either. The difference is that one of my menial jobs is to go through pre-classified spam for executives of the company I work at and verify that the emails marked as spam are really spam. So what would you do if you just kept reading through spam? Have a little fun with it.. me too.
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Beverly Hills 90210 where are they now

90210It occurred to me that while there have been some posts recently of some Beverly Hills 90210 graduates over at Retard Media, there must be a decent post about the Beverly Hills 90210, Where Are They Now sort of post or story. Sadly I didn’t see something worthy of just copying, so instead Retard Zone decided to make our own. Continue Reading »

Madonna’s daughter is a circus freak

LourdesMadonna’s 11 year old daughter Lourdes made a rare public appearance prompting biologists to scramble to classify what species she belongs to. Celebrities have a long track record of adopting orphan children and having bizarre pets, Madonna appears to have combined both trends by adopting what some believe may be Gigantopithecus Canadensis. Continue Reading »

Island made out of recycled bottles

Spiral IslandRecycling is the way to save the planet and make a few cents for homeless people. Combine the two and you have recycled bottle island. Richie Sowa lived off of Cancun with a few chickens, cats, a dog. This floating homeless person spent his days floating around looking for more bottles and hoped there wasn’t a big storm on trash island. Continue Reading »

TV show 24 failed pilot from 1994

Failed 24 PilotFew in Hollywood know the TV show 24 was originally set for it’s debut in 1994 but without Kiefer Sutherland and cooler technology not available until years later the show never made it beyond a poorly done pilot. In a world with clunky cell phones, slow internet connections and pay phones the fast action was slowed to the point of near comedy. The next time you see Jack Bauer beating a confession out of a terrorist just take a minute to thank all the nerd toys that action get compressed into 24 hours. Continue Reading »

The life and death of the Texas Clipper

Texas ClipperFrom 1965 to 1994 the Texas Clipper served as a floating classroom for students from Texas Maritime Academy. The Academy is part of the Texas A&M University system which produces more officers than any college the military academies. Each summer the Texas Clipper would take 250 students, and faculty on cruises from Novia Scotia to Uruguay, and from Mexico to Poland. Continue Reading »

Lottery winner escapes unwanted life

Lottery Winner new lifeAll Donna Campbell has left of her husband is pictures and broken dreams or at least the sad story she and her lawyer are telling. The poor guy finally wins big after years of racking up gambling debts and does what any unhappily married ran would do with lots of cash – runs like the wind. Since winning the lottery he took a leave from work according to his co-workers and has avoided going home so far alluding people trying to serve him on his wife’s lawsuit.
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Abandoned city in Russia

Abandoned CityAt first I thought these pictures were of Chernobyl but there is no radiation here. Kadychan is a Northern Russian town, nestled in cold tundra. It was once a tin mining town of twelve thousand people. Continue Reading »

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