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Retarded Halloween office party

retarded halloweenThis year’s first annual retardzone staff Halloween celebration was appropriately retarded. Although Halloween is now being banned in some school districts where it offends Muslims it is quite literally the last politically correct holiday remaining. I did my best to set this one last acceptable holiday back to getting even it banned.

Costume Contest: We decided to figure out who had the most retarded costume…
Retard Halloween
Mine was far and a way the more offensive of the two.

Retard Halloween
My first thought was this is cool, but not offensive enough.

Retard Halloween
Zombie mask was terrifying, but cost eighty bucks and would require more of a body outfit. Plus it was really hard to breath in, and we’d be wearing our costumes all day long.

Retard Halloween
Mike finds a good meaty mask that should scare small children, including me.

Retard Halloween
I’ve always wanted to have a pair of these for my very own…

Retard Halloween
It’s beginning to look a lot like something… The big spider was a cool touch, but the webbing made the office.

Retard Halloween
Testing the fog machine. The good news is that it did not activate the fire sprinklers – which is a good thing and kept us from getting fired for the time being.

Retard Halloween
You can never have enough spider webs, you kind of had to limbo to get through the door – but we need the exercise.

Retard Halloween
Receptionist desk decorated just for fun, it’s next door so we had to upgrade the neighborhood.

Retard Halloween
We totally won the company halloween decoration contest. True no one else entered, but like corrupt government contracts they are the most fun to win.

Retard Halloween
She’s a witch! At first she was a little frightened but she’s a good sport.

Retard Halloween
And I got my first action of the day!

Retard Halloween
Mike with a the good looking but semi retarded blond girl who can’t park.

Retard Halloween
Chicks just can’t keep their hands off me – playing effeminate or pretending to care is not necessary if you are going to be the female husband in the relationship.

Retard Halloween
This has to be the most offensive Halloween costume I could come up with…

Retard Halloween
At first she was shy but by morning she had come to terms with her new orientation, I think I have always been a lesbian trapped in a large man’s body.

Retard Halloween
The front of the building had so much smelly fog juice that the poor receptionist initially thought there was a fire. Fog juice kind of smells like burning soap, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth and a funny smell to your clothes. Definitely not an everyday thing – but we do have enough fog juice to turn it on once a month at least.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Humor, Pranks, Retarded


2 Responses to “Retarded Halloween office party”

  1. I totally forgot to be as offensive as possible, I would have totally worn the Hillary outfit. Oh wait that’s right, it was offensive and not hated.

    Michael on 05 Nov 2007 at 3:41 pm
  2. where to get the spider web that u guys used it? i really need it..

    Dyla on 15 Oct 2010 at 2:16 am

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